Regis, Dr. Sanjay Gupta and Katharine McPhee visit “Rachael Ray” next week!

Monday February 25th:  “Dr. Sanjay Gupta”  –  It’s our first-ever “Toast-Off!” Chefs Sunny Anderson and Ryan Scott go head-to-head using only one appliance to make a gourmet meal…the toaster oven! Then – could eating stir-fry help cure a migraine? Dr. Sanjay Gupta’s dishing up food fixes for common health issues. And – Rachael fulfills her dream of being a rock DJ. Plus – Rach is making tuna melt mac ‘n’ cheese.

Tuesday February 26th:  “Katharine McPhee”  –  We’re giving one dad a mullet makeover that’s thirty years in the making! Then – Katharine McPhee joins Rach to talk about the new season of her show, Smash. Plus – Ali Wentworth is here and reveals all about her eye surgery! And – Rachael’s making New York deli nachos.

Wednesday February 27th:  “Regis & Joy”  –  Regis is in the house today and he’s bringing someone very special along with him…his wife Joy! Plus – Regis and Joy are playing a name game in the kitchen with Rach! Then – Gayle King stops by to show Regis and Rach some new gadgets.  And – Rachael whips up Monte Cristo stuffed chicken cutlets.

Thursday February 28th:  “Embarrassing Beauty Problems”  –  Our Human Lab is back and we’re tackling some embarrassing beauty problems with the help of three brave viewers. Then – we’re going behind the scenes at New York’s Fashion Week to see the secret fashion fixes of the pros! Plus – Californication’s Maggie Grace spills secrets of her own. And – Rach cooks up 10-flavor double dipped buttermilk fried chicken.

Friday March 1st:  “Roma Downey & Hilaria Baldwin”  –  Roma Downey’s sitting down at the kitchen table to talk about her latest project. Then – mom-to-be Hilaria Baldwin is dishing with Rach about her pregnancy. Plus – we’re making life less messy for one fraternity house with a laundry room overhaul! And – Rach is making egg tagliatelle with ham and peas.

“Rachael Ray” airs weekday mornings @ 9am on WDAY/WDAZ.  For more information about “Rachael Ray” visit

A 24-Hour Stress Cleanse; next week on “Dr. Oz”!

Monday February 25th:  “DR. OZ’S 24-HOUR STRESS CLEANSE”  –  If you’re overwhelmed, overworked and stressed out, turn it all around in just one day! The easy-to-follow program designed to REDUCE YOUR STRESS and its negative effects on your health. Your step-by-step DETOX guide.

Tuesday February 26th:  “THE BIG FOOD COVER-UP!”  –  The New York Times reporter who uncovered a food industry BOMBSHELL. Dr. Oz investigates why you might be addicted to salt, sugar and fat! Dr. Oz exposes it all. What the food industry creates in a lab to get you hooked- and why they don’t want you to know!

Wednesday February 27th:  “THE MEDICAL INTUITIVE WHO SAYS YOU CAN HEAL YOURSELF!”  –  Meet the man who says you have the power to diagnose and treat your health problems. How you can use his techniques at home to read your own body. Plus, the only 3 cancer tests you need to take.

Thursday February 28th:  “MICHELLE OBAMA’S BIG ANNOUCEMENT!”  –  First Lady Michelle Obama on Oz’s stage – along with Secretary of Education Arne Duncan. The BIG ANNOUCEMENT that will change the health of our nation’s kids! Plus, Jillian Michaels reveals her 6 secrets on how to get and stay SLIM FOR LIFE!

Friday March 1st:  “LAXATIVE ABUSE: THE HIDDEN DANGERS”  –  Battling anorexia, a formerly obese mother dangerously addicted to laxatives – she went from 260 POUNDS TO JUST 78 POUNDS BY USING LAXATIVES. A Dr. Oz intervention! The desperate trend women like you are trying to lose weight quickly!

“Dr. Oz” airs weekdays @ 4pm on WDAY/WDAZ.  For more information about “Dr. Oz” visit

Shocking things you never knew about fast food; next week on “The Doctors”!

Monday February 18th:  “Elizabeth Perkins & ‘Real Housewives’ Star Dr. Karent Sierra”  –  Elizabeth Perkins, star of Showtime’s “Weeds,” discusses the challenges of living with Type 1 diabetes. Then, Real Housewife of Miami and celebrity dentist, Karent Sierra, gives a homeless woman a smile makeover. Don’t miss her life-changing transformation!  And, will drinking energy drinks land you in the ER? Plus, what should your man eat to boost his sperm count?

Tuesday February 19th:  “THE DOCTORS Unplugged: No Questions is Off Limits!”  –  Anything can, and does, happen in this unscripted hour of THE DOCTORS. Host of SyFy’s “Total Blackout,” Jaleel White, challenges Dr. Sears to prove his medical smarts — without one of his senses. Find out what’s lurking in the dark – and learn how it benefits your health. And, Dr. Lisa proves that age is just a number using her sense of touch. Then, how to transition your child from formula to baby food? THE DOCTORS demonstrates. Plus, THE DOCTORS shows you how to get that extra boost with an energy drink alternative that is better for your body.

Wednesday February 20th:  “Shocking Things You Never Knew About Fast Food and Chaz Bono Update”  –  Witness Chaz Bono’s weight loss journey: You won’t believe how much weight he’s lost in just three months. Plus, irritable? Sluggish? Low sex drive? Your fast food habit might be to blame. Find out what it’s made of.  And, American Idol singer Mandisa’s weight loss struggle. THE DOCTORS shares tips to help her overcome her cravings. Plus, want whiter teeth? Real Housewife and dentist Karent Sierra will make your smile sparkle.

Thursday February 21st:  “1st Annual Drs. ‘Against All Odds’ Awards Show”  –  THE DOCTORS rolls out the red carpet to recognize the most inspiring health stories of 2013! Meet our pick for “Couple of the Year” and see why people are calling the pair a real-life “The Notebook.” Then, find out how one sweet 6-year-old is helping raise funds for his best buddy’s rare condition. Plus, meet two amazing teens who invented new ways to fight cancer before they even graduated from high school. All that and meet your top pick for the Viewer’s Choice Award!

Friday February 22nd:  “Lose It, Lance It, Get Rid of It!”   –  Sparks fly as THE DOCTORS debates today’s controversial headlines during Friday News Feed. Plus, new procedures to extract kidney stones. Could they be the cures you’re looking for? And the foreign objects that small children swallow.  Learn when to worry about serious side effects and when to let them pass. Then, do you mix your cocktails with diet soda to cut calories? Find out why you should stop today!

“The Doctors” airs weekdays @ 11am on WDAY/WDAZ.  For more information about “The Doctors” visit

Jillian Michaels, Nigella Lawson and Star Jones visit “Rachael Ray” next week!

Monday February 18th:  “Michael Strahan”  –  For the first time ever…Live! with Kelly & Michael co-host Michael Strahan is here! Plus – Michael flexes his muscles and answers audience questions by playing “Mighty Mike!”  Then –  we’re kicking off Slow Cooker Week with a party-friendly maple, chicken and cheese dip from Food Network’s Sunny Anderson. Plus – Rachael makes penne with pistachio-mint pesto.

Tuesday February 19th:  “Pauley Perrette”  –  NCIS star Pauley Perrette has quite the sweet tooth and today she’s giving us a sneak peek inside her New York City bakery! Then – Rachael is the queen of 30-Minute Meals…but can NYC restaurateur Josh Capon put her to the test with a five-minute meal in her kitchen? Plus – Slow Cooker Week continues and Rachael makes deviled beef burgers.

Wednesday February 20th:  “Nigella Lawson & Jeff Probst”  –  It’s time to play Q & Ray! First Lady Michelle Obama is popping in with a very special question for Rachael! Then – we’re strapping Jeff Probst to a lie detector and asking him questions from his wife! Plus – Slow Cooker Week continues with a tasty recipe from The Taste’s Nigella Lawson. And – Rachael whips up chicken and rice soup with Greek meatballs.

Thursday February 21st:  “Star Jones”  –  Want to stretch your dollar at the dinner table? We’ve got four meals on Day Four of Slow Cooker Week that’ll feed your family for 20, 15, 10 and even five bucks! Then – the fiery Star Jones is here and she’s sharing her tips for living a heart-healthy life that’s full of style and flavor. Plus –  Rachael’s cooking a meaty baked ziti.

Friday February 22nd: “Jillian Michaels”  –  Hosting an Oscar® party this weekend? TLC’s Cake Boss, Buddy Valastro shows you how to make Italian calzones for your guests. Then – Rach is talking with the toughest trainer around….The Biggest Loser’s Jillian Michaels is here. Jillian dishes on her show and her family and gives one fan the biggest workout surprise of her life! Plus – we’re wrapping up Slow Cooker Week and Rach’s making a Reuben style casserole with pastrami meatballs, sauerkraut and barley.

“Rachael Ray” airs weekdays @ 9am on WDAY/WDAZ.  For more information about “Rachael Ray” visit

The number one diet plan; secrets revealed next week on “Dr. Oz”!

Monday February 18th:  “DEADLY ADDERALL ABUSE!”  –  Your kids are taking it ILLEGIALLY to perform well on tests and DOCTORS are prescribing it without knowing the dangers. Hear from parents who know all too well the deadly consequences. Could your child be at risk? Why Dr. Oz is angry- and what YOU need to know now.

Tuesday February 19th:  “THE #1 DIET! DASH DIET SECRETS REVEALED!”  –  Lower your cholesterol and reduce your cancer risk with the #1 DIET THREE YEARS IN A ROW! It’s easy-to-follow, safe and provides LASTING RESULTS! Plus, old wives’ health tales your mother told you–debunked!

Wednesday February 20th:  “THE MYTHS EVEN GYNECOLOGISTS BELIEVE”  –  You’ve trusted your doctor for years- but have they got it all wrong? This gynecologist is setting the record straight and sharing what her colleagues won’t! Plus, Fitness guru Shaun T. is back with the 5 week plan to FIX your 5 worst problem areas!

Thursday February 21st:  “THE DISEASE YOUR DOCTOR CAN’T DIAGNOSE! MEDICAL MYSTERY SOLVED!”  –  If you’re BLOATED, FATIGUED and IN PAIN- and don’t know why – WATCH THIS! The mysterious condition you haven’t heard of until now! Dr. Oz’s alternative medical solutions to GET RELIEF. Plus, the most important supplements you don’t know about!

Friday February 22nd:  “THE ANTIOXIDANT MYTH: ARE THEY HARMFUL TO YOUR HEALTH?”  –  New evidence calls the benefits of antioxidants into question. Could they do more harm than good? Even put you at risk for CANCER? Dr. Oz investigates!

“Dr. Oz” airs weekdays @ 4pm on WDAY/WDAZ. For more information about “Dr. Oz” visit

Julianne Hough, Paula Deen, Cheryl Hines and Katherine Heigl visit “Rachael Ray” next week!

Monday February 11th:  “Paula and Bobby Deen”  –  Paula and Bobby Deen are here to help us kick off a whole hour in the kitchen with their tastiest slow-cooker recipes! Then – Paula lets our audience in on the fun and answers their kitchen questions! Plus – Rachael whips up chicken-caesar stuffed bread pizzas!

Tuesday February 12th:  “Fat Tuesday”  –  Fat Tuesday is one of the biggest parties of the year and we’re cooking up a celebration of our own! Then – Suburgatory’s Cheryl Hines and 1600 Penn’s Jenna Elfman go head-to-head in a “King Cake-Off!” Plus – Rachael makes Italian Fat Tuesday lasagna and one couple in our audience gets a life-changing surprise!

Wednesday February 13th:  “Ginnifer Goodwin and Rev Run & Tyrese”  –  We’re throwing down a star-studded game night! Ginnifer Goodwin chats with Rach about her hit show, Once Upon a Time. Rev Run and Tyrese Gibson answer our audience’s deepest relationship questions. Then – Rach joins all of them for a round of “Kitchen-ary!” Plus – Rach makes cheeseburger quesadillas for a game night snack and hearty paprika burgers for dinner.

Thursday February 14th:  “Julianne Hough and Valentine’s Day Desserts”  –  Today’s the day to make sweets for your sweetheart! We’re joined by one of the sweetest ladies around, Julianne Hough and she learns how to make a romantic dessert for her Valentine, Ryan Seacrest, with the help of TLC’s Cake Boss, Buddy Valastro. Then – Rach makes chicken francese and pot de crème!

Friday February 15th:  “Katherine Heigl”  –  Katherine Heigl is here today and she’s got some adorable puppies with her to help spread the word about pet adoption! Then – Dr. Travis Stork investigates food mysteries! Plus – Rach kicks off the weekend by cooking up Cincinnati spaghetti!

“Rachael Ray” airs weekdays @ 9am on WDAY/WDAZ.  For more information on “Rachael Ray” visit

What your face reveals about your health; next week on “Dr. Oz”!

Monday February 11th:  “COUNTERFEIT FOODS: BUYER BEWARE!”  –  What you think you’re buying at the grocery store isn’t what you’re getting! Dr. Oz investigates FOOD FRAUD! FILLERS, INGREDIENT SWAPS and MISLEADING LABELS are stealing your money and putting your health at risk! How to spot the fakes!

Tuesday February 12th:  “COULD YOUR SLEEPING PILLS BE KILLING YOU? A DR. OZ ALERT!”  –  Breaking news! New research. The alarming cancer link – what you need to know before you take another pill!

Wednesday February 13th:  “DR. OZ ANSWERS YOUR MOST AWKWARD QUESTIONS OF ALL TIME!”  –  The embarrassing questions you’re too afraid to ask – until now! Nothing is off-limits! Plus, actress and best-selling author Marilu Henner show us her ENERGY MAKEOVER PLAN!

Thursday February 14th:  “THE MOST ELIGIBLE DOCTORS REVEAL THEIR BEST HEALTH SECRETS!”  –  50 of America’s hottest bachelor doctors reveal their TOP 50 HEALTH SECRETS! Simple tips to look younger and live longer!

Friday February 15th:  “WHAT YOUR FACE REVEALS ABOUT YOUR HEALTH”  –  Face reading – this ancient health practice is making a comeback! Uncover the clues before your doctor does to prevent the diseases you fear most! Plus, easy and free techniques to MELT AWAY YOUR PAIN WITHOUT MEDS!

“Dr. Oz” airs weekdays @ 4pm on WDAY/WDAZ.  For more information on “Dr. Oz” visit

Sherri Shepherd and Jeremy Irons visit “Rachael Ray” next week!

Monday February 4th:  “Sherri Shepherd”  –  We’re kicking off a whole week devoted to casseroles and Rach gets things started with a chicken and green bean dish. Then – The View co-host, Sherri Shepherd, gives a fabulous wig-over to one viewer who desperately needs a wig makeover! Plus – Rach’s making deviled chicken paillard with green bean salsa verde!

Tuesday February 5th:  “Meal Estate”  –  We’re going into the homes of our favorite buddies. The Chew’s Clinton Kelly gives us a tour of his space and adds a twist to chicken divan for day two of Casserole Week. Then – Biggest Loser trainer, Dolvett Quince, reveals his three fridge must-haves. And – want to live like Nate Berkus? Nate’s got tips for getting the look of his apartment in your own home. Plus – Rach makes chicken broccolini shepherd’s pie!

Wednesday February 6th:  “Rachael’s Favorite Places”  –  Casserole Week rolls on when Rach makes a broccoli and crouton casserole! Plus – get an inside look at Rach’s favorite restaurant in NYC! Then – Sunny Anderson learns how to make a cocktail from Rach’s favorite bar. And – Rach whips up a can’t-miss pasta dish!

Thursday February 7th:  “Lingerie for Your Lady”  –  What do you call a cross between tostadas and nachos? Tostachosand that’s what Rach is cooking up on day four of Casserole Week! Then – with Valentine’s Day just one week away, Lifetime’s Double Divas help three men pick out the right lingerie for their ladies! Plus – Rach makes drunken steaks with twice-baked peppercorn fries!

Friday February 8th:  “Jeremy Irons”  –  We’re wrapping up Casserole Week with one tasty dish! Plus – Academy Award winner Jeremy Irons is here. Then – Gayle King catches up with Rach at the kitchen table! And – Rach cooks up chicken with ham, mozzarella and broiled tomatoes.

“Rachael Ray” airs weekdays @ 9am on WDAY/WDAZ.   For more information on “Rachael Ray” visit

The best weight loss tricks for your body type! Next week on “Dr. Oz”!

Monday February 4th:  “FAT MELTERS!”  –  Three new discoveries to BURN FAT FASTER without even moving. Simple, easy steps to MELT FAT with instant results! Day one of Dr. Oz’s Fat Fighting Solutions Week!

Tuesday February 5th:  “DR. OZ’S FLAT BELLY PLAN!”  –  Blast away your BELLY FAT- the ultimate plan to help you win the battle of your belly bulge. Everything you need to know- Dr. Oz has done all the work for you!

Wednesday February 6th:  “THE HCG SHOT FOR WEIGHT LOSS: IS IT RIGHT FOR YOU?”  –  Don’t just lose weight, KEEP IT OFF! Meet women like you who say this controversial shot has worked for them, and the doctor that’s convinced it works! Why Dr. Oz thinks it might work for YOU!

Thursday February 7th:  “REV UP YOUR METABOLISM SLUMP!”  –  Top secrets from the nutritionist who knows WHY YOU’RE NOT LOSING WEIGHT! It’s not your fault – the 3-phase plan to BOOST YOUR METABOLISM and JUMPSTART YOUR WEIGHT LOSS!

Friday February 8th:  “THE BEST WEIGHT LOSS TRICKS FOR YOUR BODY TYPE!”  –  The simplest advice ever! Dr. Oz searched the country to bring YOU the best tricks- NO DIETS REQUIRED. Plus, Paula Deen’s son revamps your favorite Southern recipes for HALF THE FAT AND CALORIES with all the flavor!

“Dr. Oz” airs weekdays @ 4pm on WDAY/WDAZ.  For more information on “Dr. Oz” visit

Kevin Bacon, Regis and LaDainian Tomlinson visit “Rachael Ray” next week!

Monday January 28th:  “The Bacon Show”  –  We’re bringing home the Bacon…Kevin Bacon that is and he’s dishing on his new show, The Following. Then – we’ve got jaw-dropping dinner ideas, including a tasty bacon-wrapped meatloaf. Plus – Rach is putting her own spin on the beloved BLT with penne.

Tuesday January 29th:  “Buffalo Snacks and LaDainian Tomlinson” –  Want to bring more than just Buffalo wings to your football party? Rach puts a spin on the classic flavor with four buffalo snacks. Then – former NFL star LaDainian Tomlinson and his wife show you how to make two of their favorite game day recipes! Plus – Rach cooks up bacon & leek mac & cheese.

Wednesday January 30th:  “Cat Deeley”  –  Hosting a party for the big game, but running out of prep time? Chef Ryan Scott is cutting down your kitchen time with three make-ahead snacks, including a Reuben chicken meatball sandwich! Then – it’s all fun and games when So You Think You Can Dance host, Cat Deeley, stops by to hang with Rach! Plus – Rachael makes Spanish stewed chicken thighs.

Thursday January 31st:  “Regis Philbin & Matt Bomer”  –  Rachael and Regis have spent a lot of time in the kitchen this season, but there’s one thing they haven’t made together…dessert! So, they’re whipping up tasty apple pie sundaes! Then – White Collar star Matt Bomer chats with Rach at the kitchen table! Plus – Rach makes a hearty family dinner…pork chops and applesauce with mashed potatoes.

Friday February 1st:  Super Bowl® Recipe Playoff”  –  We’re bringing the stadium to the studio today when Rachael welcomes three NFL greats who battle it out in our 6th Annual Super Bowl® Recipe Playoff and throw down their best game day dishes! Plus – another former football star serves as the guest judge! Then – it’s all about nachos as Rach shows you tasty twists on the classic snack!

“Rachael Ray” airs weekdays @ 9am on WDAY/WDAZ.  For more information about “Rachael Ray” visit

Foods that fight Pain, Depression and Disease, next week on “The Doctors”!

Monday January 28th:  “The Best Weight Loss Tips for 2013!”  –  Ready, set, lose weight! Exercise guru Richard Simmons joins THE DOCTORS to get you motivated and moving. Plus, see real-life weight loss success stories and get tips from the people who’ve “been there, lost that.” And, Mike & Molly star, Reno Wilson pumps up your cardio with a calorie-burning spin session. Plus, all the reasons why you should try a protein shake made from peas.

Tuesday January 29th:  “Hollywood Legends’ Top Age-Defying Tips”  –  Look and feel young at any age! Hollywood film stars Diahann Carroll, Dyan Cannon and Jacqueline Bisset reveal the secrets of their eternal youth. And, see the amazing results of a new non-invasive skin-smoothing treatment. Miracles from the sea: learn how marine-based ingredients can brighten your hair and skin. Plus, an instant booty-lifting procedure.

Wednesday January 30th:  “Medical Advances You Need to Know About”  –  THE DOCTORS tackles your biggest fears about the flu. Get the latest on what you need to know to protect yourself and your family. Plus, anti-viral or anti-bacterial medicines: What’s the difference?  And, health-boosting new gadgets: Don’t miss a beat of your favorite music while keeping your ears clear — get your tunes through your cheekbones, and track your calories burned from your wrist. Plus, let your animal instincts go wild for this new exercise trend!

Thursday January 31st:  “Foods that Fight Pain, Depression & Disease”  –  Eat yourself healthy! Get the superfoods that soothe cold sores, sinus pain, heartburn and more.  Plus, surprising snacks to boost your mood, get glowing skin and spice up your sex life. The average American drinks a shocking 170 liters of soda per year. See how the sugary soft drinks may be wreaking havoc inside your body. Plus, the adverse effects they could be having on your brain.

Friday February 1st:  “THE DOCTORS Bowl: Sack Your Bad Health Habits”  –  Stay fit while watching football!  Get healthy swaps for your favorite game-day snacks and recipes that won’t widen your waistline.  Learn safety tips for barbequing and grilling. Plus, Buffalo defensive end Shawne Merriman teams up with one aspiring young athlete to stay healthy and in shape during the offseason. And, helmets and head injuries: how safe is your child on the field?

“The Doctors” airs weekdays @ 11am on WDAY/WDAZ.  For more information on “The Doctors” visit

6 days to your complete body reshape, next week on “Dr. Oz”!

Monday January 21st:  “SECRETS THE FAST FOOD INDUSTRY DOESN’T WANT YOU TO KNOW!”  –  Expert insiders go UNDERCOVER to expose IT ALL! Controversial additives, questionable quality control, hidden health hazards and more. What you need to know- BEFORE YOU ORDER!

Tuesday January 22nd:  “THE NEW HYPNOSIS FOR WEIGHT LOSS: 7 DAYS, 7 TECHNIQUES”  –  THE NEW HYPNOSIS FOR WEIGHT LOSS: 7 DAYS, 7 TECHNIQUES to take the weight off effortlessly. Can you TRICK YOUR BODY into thinking it’s NATURALLY THIN? Get hypnotized during the show and find out!

Wednesday January 23rd:  “ARE GEL MANICURES SAFE?”  –  Before you get a gel manicure- watch this! Infections, reactions, even cancer?? Should you stop doing them? Plus, what your dreams are telling you about your health.

Thursday January 24th:  “6 DAYS TO YOUR COMPLETE BODY RESHAPE!”  –  The new warrior of weight loss, “Tapout’s” Mike Karpenko, joins Dr. Oz to change your body in ways you never thought possible! Burn 1200 calories in a SINGLE workout. Plus, the 4 week plan with Terry and Rebecca Crews to get healthy with your spouse!

Friday January 25th:  “WHAT’S YOUR SIXTH SENSE TRYING TO TELL YOU ABOUT YOUR HEALTH?”  –  Have a nagging feeling that something’s not right? How to use your sixth sense to predict your health! Plus, NEVER GET SICK AGAIN with Dr. Oz’s ways to boost your immunity.

“Dr. Oz” airs weekdays @ 4pm on WDAY/WDAZ.  For more information on “Dr. Oz” visit

Tim Gunn, Buddy Valastro and Fred Armisen visit “Rachael Ray” next week!

Monday January 21st:  “Getting the most Bang for your Buck!”  –  Want more bang for your buck? We’ve got 10 bottom-of-the-jar recipes to turn that last little bit of peanut butter, cream cheese, and even pickle juice into delish recipes! Plus – find out how stylist Gretta Monahan gives a single mom a top-of-the-line makeover, without spending a dime!

Tuesday January 22nd:  “Buddy Valastro and Fred Armisen”  –  Craving a yummy “Twinkie” or “Sno Ball”? TLC’s Cake Boss, Buddy Valastro, shows us how to make his version of two of the most iconic snack cakes! Then – one of the funniest men on TV, Fred Armisen, joins Rach at the kitchen table and dishes about Season 3 of his hit show, Portlandia. Plus – Rach makes pasta with chickpeas.

Wednesday January 23rd:  “Home Away From Home”  –  Where does Rach spend most of her time when she’s not on set? Take a behind-the-scenes tour of her space! Then – find out what life is like at home for new mom Vanessa Lachey with Nick and baby Camden! Plus – Rach cooks up tingly szechuan pepper beef noodles.

Thursday January 24th:  “Fashion Face-Off and Shred Diet”  –  Get ready for one of our most challenging fashion face-offs ever! Two of our favorite fashionistas go head-to-head and transform identical twins…and who better to judge the competition than Project Runway’s Tim Gunn! Then – Dr. Ian Smith has the #1 diet book in the country…but can he help our gal Sunny Anderson shred the weight in just six weeks? Plus – Rach whips up a spicy chipotle stroganoff.

Friday January 25th:  “Game Day Snack-Off”  –  We’re throwing down our first-ever Game Day Snack-Off and special taste tester Jerry Springer is here to decide the winner! Then – HGTV’s Genevieve Gorder shows you how to throw the best Super Bowl party with easy tricks for getting your home decked out on game day. Plus – Rach makes two tasty crowd-pleasers: sriracha hot wings and buffalo wing grilled cheese!

“Rachael Ray” airs weekdays @ 9am on WDAY/WDAZ.  For more information about “Rachael Ray” visit

Could your Hospital be killing you? Next week on “The Doctors”!

January 21st:  “How EIGHT May Help You Lose WEIGHT!”  –  How to lose weight in eight seconds, minutes, days or weeks! The top signs you’re an emotional eater and how to stop. Simple kitchen swaps to slash calories and shed fat. And, delicious 100-calorie snacks. Plus, how taking pictures of your food can help you lose weight.

January 22nd:  “50 Questions From 50 Ages”  –  Health questions from viewers of all ages: Can you eat too much fruit? Why do you take some medications with food? And, are “lefties” more at risk for heart problems? Plus, 47 more questions answered.

Wednesday January 23rd:  “Could Your Hospital Be Killing You?”  –  The life-saving questions you must ask before tests, treatments and surgeries. Plus, which procedures you should think twice about. And, tips for picking the right physician and hospital. Also, find out the important difference between a cosmetic and a plastic surgeon.

Thursday January 24th:  “Biggest Health Problems That Get on Your NERVES!”  –  Learn how to tell when back pain is more than just stress. Five foods to prevent nerve pain. The warning signs of preeclampsia during pregnancy. Then, why one woman could actually hear her organs working inside her body. Find out how her doctor helped her.

Friday January 25th:  “Winter Health Tips From Summer Olympians”  –  Eight-time medalist Olympic speed skater Apolo Ohno shares his top secrets for winter workouts. Plus, Olympic silver medalists Jen Kessy  and April Ross challenge Dr. Travis and Dr. Sears to a volleyball match. Then, swim lessons from gold medalist Cullen Jones – see how he’s making a splash to help save lives. And, gold medalist sprinter Carmelita Jeter reveals secrets from inside an Olympic-caliber workout.

“The Doctors” airs weekdays @ 11am on WDAY/WDAZ.  For more information on “The Doctors” visit

Regis, Bobby Flay and David Duchovny visit “Rachael Ray” next week!

Monday January 14th:  “Mystery Taster”  –  Our first Mystery Taster of 2013 is in the house! Then – we all have some fashion regrets. Our style guru Gretta Monahan stops by to help two viewers correct their worst fashion mistakes! Plus – Rach makes French onion & beef dips with cheese!

Tuesday January 15th:  “Bobby Flay”  –  It’s Ray and Flay in the kitchen when Bobby joins Rach and shares his healthy eating tips! Then – Bobby cooks up a spicy Spanish chicken dinner. And – NCIS star Cote de Pablo is here! Plus – Rach makes half & half short ribs with roasted garlic mashed potatoes.

Wednesday January 16th:  “Regis Philbin”  –  It’s time for a little R&R! Regis & Rach are back together for the first time in 2013…and cooking school is back in session! This time Regis tries his hand at making a tasty chicken piccata. Then – are you eating right for your age? Biggest Loser nutritionist Rachel Beller tailors healthy meal options for audience members in their 30s, 40s and 50s. Plus – Rach whips up rigatoni with creamy mushroom ragu!

Thursday January 17th:  “Double D’s”  –  Today is all about the Double D’s! First – David Duchovny joins Rach to dish out dating advice in round two of “Dating with Duchovny!” But before you go on that date, make sure you’re looking good and wearing the right bra. The “Double Divas” pull off three instant bra makeovers! Plus – Rach turns up the heat with spicy chicken cacciatore!

Friday January 18th:  “Kevin Bacon”  –  We’re bringing home the bacon…Kevin, that is! He joins Rach at the kitchen table and gives us a sneak peek at his new show, The Following.

“Rachael Ray” airs weekdays @ 9am on WDAY/WDAZ.

For more information about Rachael Ray visit

Nate Berkus and The Cake Boss visit “Rachael Ray” next week!

Monday January 7th:  “Cake Boss Bake-Off and Goat Cheese Farming”  –  Get ready for a family showdown as TLC’s Cake Boss Buddy Valastro challenges his brothers to one intense bake-off! Then – Rachael tests her skills as a goat cheese farmer when she milks a goat right in the studio! Plus – twins help twins transform one black dress into four different outfits.

Tuesday January 8th:  “New Year, New ’Do”  –  Want a new look for the New Year? Beauty expert Kyan Douglas stops by to help three viewers with their hair resolutions! Then – Rach shares her resolution and chats with the stars of Pretty Little Liars! Plus – Rachael whips up Greek meatballs and feta orzo!

Wednesday January 9th:  “If the Shoe Fits”  –  Is pain-free plastic surgery possible? Check out three cutting-edge procedures for your wrinkles, tummy and chest area! Then – we all know fashion hurts, especially when it comes to shoes. Fashion expert Gretta Monahan eases the pain by helping us find our foot shape! Plus – Rach warms up winter dinner with a chunky roasted tomato, potato and garlic soup.

Thursday January 10th:  “Virgin Decorating and Dieting”  –  Time for a transformation! Design pro Nate Berkus helps three decorating virgins make a blank canvas something special. Then – discover the secret of calorie counting: it’s not about how many, but where they come from! Plus – Rach makes easy, crowd-pleasing mustard chicken!

Friday January 11th:  “Busy Philipps”  –  The Golden Globes® are right around the corner and Hollywood is buzzing about Anne Hathaway. So, we’re giving one audience member a makeover inspired by the Les Miserables star! Then – the gorgeous Busy Philipps from Cougar Town is here! Plus – Rachael cooks up a delicious meat sauce with pork and fennel.

“Rachael Ray” airs weekdays @ 9am on WDAY/WDAZ.

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Regis, Guy Fieri and Nate Berkus visit “Rachael Ray” next week!

Monday December 17th:   “Hurricane Sandy Giveaway Show”  –  We’re throwing down our biggest giveaway show ever! And we’re filling our audience with one deserving group of people – survivors of Hurricane Sandy. And with so many unbelievable gifts to give out, we’ve enlisted the help of the one and only Regis Philbin…for the entire hour!

Tuesday December 18th:  “Budget-Friendly Holiday Tips”  –  How could you cut the cost of your holiday meal in half? We’re showing you how with a few simple tips from our butcher!  Then – decorating pro Nate Berkus stops by to show us how to make a budget-friendly, holiday tablescape…using items you already own!

Wednesday December 19th:  “Christmas Tree Decorating & Budget-Friendly Gifts”  –  How can you do the holidays on a budget? Chef Sunny Anderson’s dishing up a mouthwatering gift that you can make in your own kitchen…bacon bark! Then – we show you how to pick out the perfect tree! Plus – the top 3 ways to decorate it for 10 bucks or less!

Thursday December 20th:  “Guy Fieri’s Favorite Christmas Dish”  –  We’ve got one hot show with one hot mama…it’s Jenny McCarthy! So who does she plan on kissing on New Year’s Eve? We get the scoop. Then – our buddy Guy Fieri fires up the oven to make his all-time favorite Christmas meal!

Friday December 21st:  “The Top 10 Recipes of 2012”  –  We’re revealing the top 10 recipes of 2012! From red velvet waffles to spinach and artichoke bites…find out which recipe will be number one! Plus – Rach’s whipping up a recipe that could make next year’s list!


“Rachael Ray” airs weekdays @ 9am on WDAY/WDAZ.

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Meredith Viera and Dr. Sanjay Gupta visit “Dr. Oz” next week!

Monday December 17th:  “DR. SANJAY GUPTA AND DR. OZ TOGETHER!”  –  The hottest health news you need to know. Plus- the first-ever surgeon showdown, Oz and Sanjay go head-to-head!

Tuesday December 18th:  “DR. OZ’S HAPPINESS BOOSTERS!”  –  Recharge your body, boost your energy and your mood- instantly! Plus – LOSE WEIGHT and STOP OVEREATING by knowing your “hunger type”. What is it? Find out!

Wednesday December 19th:  “MEREDITH VIEIRA”  –  MEREDITH VIEIRA opens up to Dr. Oz about her husband’s battle with Multiple Sclerosis, why she left The Today Show, and the other love of her life. Then, A DR. OZ ALERT! The hidden ingredient in your FRENCH FRIES that could cause CANCER – what the food industry doesn’t want you to know!

Thursday December 20th:  “DR. OZ TAKES ON TV’S SEXTUPLET TODDLERS!”  –  The six little McGhee’s are taking over Oz’s stage! Find out how their parents manage this team of toddlers. What happens when the cameras stop rolling? Plus, Marlo Thomas’ miracle cancer kids!

Friday December 21st:  “DR. OZ’S ULTIMATE INSIDER’S GUIDE: THE NEWEST MEDICAL BREAKTHROUGHS!”  –  Exclusive first-looks – from a lifesaving new treatment for heart disease, to a revolutionary FAT-MELTING procedure! Everything you need to know!

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Age-Defying Tips, plus Affordable Holiday Fashions, next week on “Rachael Ray”!

“Rachael Ray” airs weekdays @ 9am on WDAY/WDAZ.

Monday December 10th:  “The Cookie Show”  –  We’re devoting 60 minutes to the cookie just in time for the holidays!  And we’re kicking it off with one hot cookie, special co-host Valerie Bertinelli! Then – our audience goes head-to-head in our first ever cookie decorating competition! Plus – Rach makes a delicious fudge dessert in only 5 minutes!

Tuesday December 11th:  “Age-Defying Tips”  –  Does smoking, drinking, and tanning really affect how you age? Get the scoop on what you can do today to reverse the aging process! Then – entertaining this holiday season? Rach whips up a make-ahead meal that’ll leave you more time with your guests!

Wednesday December 12th:  “Santa Claus Makeover”  –  A Santa look-alike is coming to town and we’re getting him to say farewell to his jolly St. Nick look with a brand-new makeover! Then – the talented Connie Britton from Nashville is here! Plus – a red and green pasta dish that looks like Christmas!

Thursday December 13th:  “Affordable Holiday Fashion”  –  What should you wear to your next holiday party? We’re showing you how to get the hottest festive fashions on the cheap! Then – we all cheat on our diets during the holidays…but could eating carbs be the secret to getting you back on track? Dr. Ian Smith dishes on holiday diet mistakes!

Friday December 14th:  “Co-Host Richard Marx”  –  Musician Richard Marx is hanging with Rach for the entire hour! And – he’s getting hands-on in the kitchen as we throw down not one, but two yummy potato pancake recipes!  Then – a Christmas pasta dish with crispy bacon! Plus – a special holiday performance from Richard!

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Nate Berkus and Dr. Joel Furhman visit “Dr. Oz” next week!

“Dr. Oz” airs weekdays @ 4pm on WDAY/WDAZ.

Monday December 3rd:  “ARE YOU ADDICTED TO WHEAT?”  –  Is wheat making you sicker and fatter than ever? The controversial news on “Frankenwheat.” Is this the revolutionary discovery to lose 15 pounds in just 30 days? The Dr. Oz experiment!

Tuesday December 4th:  “DR. OZ’S COLD & FLU WINTER RESCUE RX!”  –  The season is here- are you prepared? From the best cough medicine to the biggest cold & flu myths – WHAT WORKS and what doesn’t to keep your family healthy!

Wednesday December 5th:  “IS THIS THE SECRET TO WEIGHT LOSS?” –  Bestselling author Dr. Joel Furhman- the man at the forefront of a new medical revolution! He’s the man behind the national bestseller “EAT TO LIVE”- does he hold the secret to transforming your health? And, do you know YOUR METABOLISM TYPE? Why what you don’t know is making you fat- the CUSTOMIZED PLAN TO LOSE WEIGHT!

Thursday December 6th:  “NATE BERKUS!”  –  How he survived his darkest health days. Then, an exclusive look inside Nate’s home. If your house is cluttered- his design secrets will put an end to your anxiety! Plus, everyday mistakes that could be AGING YOU!

Friday December 7th:  “DR. OZ’S ULTIMATE “HOW HEALTHY ARE YOU?” QUIZ!”  –  20 questions that could save your life! When it comes to your health are you passing or failing?!  Grab a paper and pen, just 15 minutes that can change your life! Plus, the types of PAIN you should never ignore!

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