Regis, Zooey Deschanel and Dr. Phil visit “Rachael Ray” next week!

“Rachael Ray” airs weekdays @ 9am on WDAY/WDAZ.

Monday November 19th:  “RACHAEL’s Smell-O-Vision”  –  Have you ever wanted to smell the food Rach cooks? For the next 3 days, you can! Grab the insert cards in Rach’s Every Day with Rachael Ray magazine and smell along with her while she cooks. Then – Chef Curtis Stone turns Thanksgiving leftovers into breakfast for the next day!

Tuesday November 20th:  “Zooey Deschanel”  –  How can you end those holiday squabbles in a flash? Dr. Phil is settling family feuds for our audience! Then – the holidays get sweeter as New Girl’s Zooey Deschanel bakes us her favorite holiday treat – pecan pie! Plus – it’s day 2 of “RACHAEL’s Smell-O-Vision” with 2 Thanksgiving dishes!

Wednesday November 21st:  “Direct from your Couch”  –  For the first time ever, we’re broadcasting our entire show from a viewer’s home and we’re bringing along the one and only Regis Philbin! Then – Rach gives Regis a lesson in turkey carving! Plus – a surprise guest stops by and shocks the whole family! And – it’s the final day of “RACHAEL’s Smell-O-Vision!”…so grab your insert cards from Every Day with Rachael Ray magazine!

Thursday November 22nd:  “Six Different Stuffing Recipes”  –  We’re kicking off our Thanksgiving countdown with the best part – the stuffing! And that means not 1, not 2, but 6 yummy stuffing recipes! Then – can’t find lingerie that’ll flatter your booty or tummy? We’ve got 3 show-stopping tips that’ll make every woman feel sexy!

Friday November 23rd:  “Potluck Party on Casual Friday!”  –  It’s Casual Friday and what’s more casual than a Potluck Party? Our fiesta heats up as Blue Bloods’ Donnie Wahlberg shares one of his favorite snacks! Then – it’s the perfect bite-sized snack – Rach whips up mini muffin tin Corn Dog Poppers!

For more information on “Rachael Ray” visit

Kidnapped and Buried Alive- Real Crime Stories- this week on “The Jeff Probst Show”!

“The Jeff Probst Show” airs weekdays @ 2pm on WDAY/WDAZ.

Monday November 12th:  “The Inside Scoop About “The Biggest Loser” and “Days of our Lives” with Alison Sweeney”  –  Alison Sweeney (“Days of our Lives”) gets an unexpected love letter from her secret celebrity crush and gives a Sami superfan the surprise of her life!  Plus, the “Days” drama queen dishes about being a mom, her weight loss and her favorite contestant on “The Biggest Loser.”

Tuesday November 13th:  “The Girl with Sleeping Beauty Syndrome & Other Medical Mysteries”  -  Jeff meets people battling some of the rarest medical conditions in the world, including a teenager with Sleeping Beauty Syndrome, a 12-year-old who is unable to feel pain and a young girl whose disease is turning her into a human statue.

Wednesday November 14th:  “The Husband Who Is Now a Woman and the Daughter Who Is Now a Son”  –  Inspirational stories of unconditional love with transgendered guests who are changing their own lives, and in the process, changing the lives of the people who love them.

Thursday November 15th:  “Kidnapped and Buried Alive: Real Crime Stories”  –  Jeff speaks to the survivors of three separate, horrifying crimes, including two women who were kidnapped and buried alive, a man who survived an assassination attempt and a girl who was sold into slavery by her parents.

Friday November 16th:  “Jeff’s Ultimate Fix-Up Show”  –  Single and ready to mingle?  Three matchmakers will go head-to-head to pick the perfect match for the same woman, each using their own signature styles. Plus, sparks fly when Jeff hosts a mixer for our allsingles audience!

For more information on “The Jeff Probst Show” visit

Five Diet Myths Busted; Next Week on “Dr. Oz”!

“Dr. Oz” airs weekdays @ 4pm on WDAY/WDAZ.

Monday November 5th:  “TURBOCHARGE YOUR METABOLISM FOR YOUR BODY TYPE!”  –  The customized plan to BURN CALORIES FASTER. Whether you’re apple or pear-shaped- or fat all over- how to spark your metabolism and burn fat 24/7!

Tuesday November 6th:  “DR OZ’S AFTER 35 SURVIVAL KIT!”  –  Dr. Oz and his panel of experts reveal the NEWEST SOLUTIONS to relieve stress, banish belly bloat, boost your libido and more! All of Dr. Oz’s essentials YOU need to feel like you did in your 20’s!

Wednesday November 7th:  “FIVE DIET MYTHS BUSTED! THE SHOCKING HEALTH MYTHS EVEN YOUR DOCTOR BELIEVES!”  –  The biggest myths making you FAT! The most explosive experiments on Dr. Oz’s stage to separate FACT from FICTION!

Thursday November 8th:  “YOUR BIGGEST CANCER RISKS: DR. OZ’S BIGGEST SOLUTIONS!”  –  Dr. Oz’s new breakthrough recommendations to fight and PREVENT cancer from striking YOU! What you can do TODAY to save your life tomorrow!

Friday November 9th:  “THAT’S AWKWARD: DR OZ ANSWERS THE QUESTIONS YOU’D NEVER ASK YOUR DOCTOR!”  -  The shocking questions you’re too afraid to ask! Nothing is off limits-Dr. Oz has the UNCENSORED answers to your most embarrassing health questions!

For more information on “Dr. Oz” visit

Joey Lawrence and Jennie Garth visit “The Jeff Probst Show” this week!

“The Jeff Probst Show” airs weekdays @ 2pm on WDAY/WDAZ.

Monday October 29th:  “Teen Star Lisa Whelchel: Surviving Survivor & Divorce”  –  Known to millions as Blair from “The Facts of Life,” actress Lisa Whelchel reveals a more personal side to Jeff, learned from their time together in the trenches on “Survivor.” The actress also opens up about her divorce and life as an empty nest mom.

Tuesday October 30th:  “From Child Star to Chippendale: Joey Lawrence & NCIS: LA Star Daniela Ruah”  -  Joey Lawrence (“Melissa and Joey”) kicks back and enjoys a beer on the couch as he dishes about teen stardom and behind-the-scenes rivalries at “Dancing with the Stars.” Daniela Ruah, star of “NCIS: Los Angeles” also reenacts the audition blunder that nearly derailed her career.

Wednesday October 31st:  “Jeff Goes Undercover To Reveal Psychic Secrets”  -  Jeff undergoes a dramatic physical transformation and poses as a psychic. Using some tricks of the trade taught to him by a former professional medium who wants to blow the whistle on the industry, Jeff will attempt to give psychic readings. Will people believe what he tells them? Plus, world renowned hypnotist Tom Silver explains how hypnosis works and brings members of the audience into a fun, unexpected demonstration.

Thursday November 1st:  “Moms on Strike”  –  Meet the mom who made international headlines by going on strike in her own home. Plus, hear expert advice on what steps to take to get your family to pitch in without having to throw in the towel.

Friday November 2nd:  “Jennie Garth: 90210’s Sweetheart on Life After Divorce”  -  “Beverly Hills, 90210” sweetheart Jennie Garth talks about her dating fears, how she lost 30 pounds, and her new Lifetime movie, playing a character inspired by Nancy Grace.

For more information on “The Jeff Probst Show” visit

Regis Philbin and Nick Lachey visit “Rachael Ray” next week!

“Rachael Ray” airs weekdays @ 9am on WDAY/WDAZ.

Monday October 29th:  “Co-Host Monday with Nick Lachey”  –  It’s Co-Host Monday and we’ve got pop star turned dad Nick Lachey for the whole hour! Plus – X-Factor judge Demi Lovato stops by! Then – The Chew’s Michael Symon throws down one football-friendly recipe…zesty game day chicken wings!

Tuesday October 30th:  “Courtside Cookoff with Regis Philbin”  –  Regis Philbin is back and we’re kicking off our first ever Courtside Cook-Off! It’s burgers vs. enchiladas as two NBA stars go head-to-head right in our kitchen! Then – Rach teaches Regis how to make the perfect “breakfast in bed” meal for Joy!

Wednesday October 31st:  “Halloween Extravaganza”  –  Halloween kicks off as we turn our studio into 50’s style diner! Then – what should you do with your leftover Halloween candy? Buddy Valastro from TLC’s Cake Boss transforms them into cookies, cakes, and even an ice cream treat! Plus – you won’t want to miss our celebrity Mystery trick-or-treater!

Thursday November 1st:  “Six Different Stuffing Recipes”  –  We’re kicking off our Thanksgiving countdown with the best part…the stuffing! And that means not 1, not 2, but 6 yummy stuffing recipes! Then – can’t find lingerie that’ll flatter your booty or tummy? We’ve got 3 show-stopping tips that’ll make every woman feel sexy!

Friday November 2nd:  “10 Different Mashed Potato Recipes”  –  It’s not Thanksgiving without mashed potatoes and we’ve got 10 different recipes to jazz up your holiday table! Plus – wanna transform those old shutters into a chic new headboard? Ty Pennington shares 3 DIY tricks to get his favorite looks into your home!

For more information on “Rachael Ray” visit

Healthy Halloween Tricks & Tips; next week on “The Doctors”!

“The Doctors” airs weekdays @ 11am.

Monday October 29th:  “3 Amazing Medical Stories!”  –  Could a simple fall cause a severe brain injury? Find out how doctors removed part of a woman’s skull, and placed it in her stomach while performing brain surgery. Plus, if you think looks are everything, hear how 23-year old Lizzie overcame extreme bullying in relation to her rare disorder, which causes facial disfigurement. And, in an EXCLUSIVE video, see American Idol star Kellie Pickler shave her head in a daring gesture of solidarity for a friend suffering from breast cancer. What you can do to reduce your own cancer risk.

Tuesday October 30th:  “Healthy Halloween Tricks & Tips!”  –  THE DOCTORS’ costumes make them look like their favorite talk show hosts! They’ll fill your goody bag with hairraising health statistics, frightening facts and trick-or-treating tips for a safe and healthy Halloween. Modern Family star Julie Bowen shares her spookiest health story. Could it happen to you or your kids? And, learn which candy is just as harmful to your teeth as battery acid. Plus, watch what happens inside your body when you experience a good scare!

Wednesday October 31st:  “Your STICKIEST, RUNNIEST & MUSHIEST Body Problems Solved!”  –  THE DOCTORS cleans up your stickiest, runniest and mushiest health messes yet! IBS can wreak havoc on  your stomach AND your sex life. From the bathroom to the bedroom, learn how the distressing condition can affect your daily routine. Gunky eyes? Learn where that eye gunk comes from and how to get rid of it. Plus, surprising ways to increase your man’s sperm count.

Thursday November 1st:  “Shop ‘Til You Don’t Drop: Shopping Dangers You Never Knew!”  –  From mall migraines to off-the-rack anxiety attacks, THE DOCTORS reveals the shocking health risks of  shopping.  Ladies: Love sampling free products at the makeup counter? You may be getting more than you bargained for – including pink eye, E. coli or even herpes. Then, thousands of kids are sent to the E.R. every year due to shopping-related injuries. Find out which ones and how to keep your kids safe.

Friday November 2nd:  “That Bites! When Animals, Bugs & People Attack!”  –  Painful bee stings! Toxic cat bites! Deadly snake venom! When animals attack, would you know what to do? A Hollywood snake expert brings the world’s most slithery serpents to THE DOCTORS stage to show you how to avoid becoming a snakebite statistic. Get must-know facts about flea, tick and mosquito bites. Parents: Learn about a new “super” breed of head lice that may be heading for your child’s school! Plus, find out what spiders have to do with reversing erectile dysfunction.

For more information on “The Doctors” visit

Dr. Oz has the ULTIMATE shopping list for you! Save time and money! Next Week!

“Dr. Oz” airs weekdays @ 4pm on WDAY/WDAZ.

Monday October 29th:  “THE NEW, FASTEST FAT BUSTERS!”  -  The latest breakthroughs to SHRINK YOUR FAT FOR GOOD! And, the PAINLESS PROCEDURE to MELT YOUR FAT in less than an hour! Plus, Dr. Oz’s SECRET FORUMLA to DROP 3 POUNDS in 3 DAYS!

Tuesday October 30th:  “DR.OZ’S 5 MIRACLE SOLUTIONS FROM AROUND THE GLOBE!”  –  Dr. Oz has searched high and low – from WHAT TO EAT to HOW TO SLEEP. The miracle 5-in-1 product to make you look younger instantly! Plus-is this the MIRACLE SEED to CUT YOUR CRAVINGS you’ve been waiting for?

Wednesday October 31st:  “CUT YOUR CARB CRAVINGS IN ONE WEEK; LOSE WEIGHT WITH CARBS”  -  The revolutionary plan! Dr. Oz and Chris Powell show you how to use carbs to BURN FAT and BOOST YOUR METABOLISM. SAY GOODBYE TO YOUR LOW-CARB DIET forever! How to lose the weight for good.

Thursday November 1st:  “HOW TO DROP A DECADE! SECRETS TO CHEAT YOUR AGE!”  -  Turn back the clock on wrinkles, age spots, and cellulite  – even FAKE A FACELIFT! From the best foods for your skin to inexpensive drugstore products that really work, Dr. Oz reveals how YOU can  LOOK TEN YEARS YOUNGER – INSTANTLY!

Friday November 2nd:  “DR. OZ’S ULTIMATE SHOPPING LIST! SAVE TIME, SAVE MONEY!”  -  All the foods Dr. Oz wants in your cart! Inexpensive foods and products. THE BEST, HOTTEST HEALTH FINDS at every store! Dr. Oz gives you the only shopping list you’ll ever need! Do these 3 things, save $600 a year!

For more information about “Dr. Oz” visit

Double Trouble – Fixing All of Your Paired Body Parts; Today on “The Doctors”!

“The Doctors” airs weekdays @ 11am on WDAY/WDAZ.

Monday October 22nd:  “Double Trouble, Fixing All of Your Paired Body Parts”  –  Two eyes, two lips, two feet and two hips! Our body parts that come in pairs can be double the trouble. THE DOCTORS shares top tips for treating your body’s trickiest  twosomes.  Losing your close-up vision? Learn about  a cutting-edge procedure that may put an end to reading glasses for good! Need more curves?  Watch a new “hourglass” procedure that shapes and transforms.  Plus, parents: Is it time for “the talk” with your kids? Prepare yourself with THE DOCTORS’ Birds and Bees Boot Camp.

Tuesday October 23rd:  “Silent Symptoms You Can’t Ignore!”  –  Is your body trying to tell you something? THE DOCTORS reveals subtle signs that, if unnoticed, could cost you your life. Is it a persistent cough or a potential cardiac arrest? Knowing the difference could save you or someone you love. You’ve heard of acid reflux, but what about sneaky acid reflux? Learn about the inconspicuous condition and how to treat it. Plus, it’s a disease afflicting 65 million American adults – and most of them don’t know it. Could it be affecting you too? Find out and learn what you can do.

Wednesday October 24th:  “Health Dilemmas CAUGHT on TAPE!”  -  From politics to prescription drugs, THE DOCTORS investigates the latest breaking news affecting your health. Should marijuana be legalized? Emmy-winning actress and presidential candidate Roseanne Barr weighs in. Then, the peanut butter recall expands to foods containing nuts. Learn which products are affected. Plus, find out why some doctors are being called the 21st  century drug dealers. And, the newest synthetic drug on the streets. Is someone you love using it?

Thursday October 25th:  “100,000 Pound Weight Loss Secrets!”  –  Have you lost 10, 20 or 100 pounds? Add it to THE DOCTORS’ scale and trade secrets. We’re tallying the nation’s most incredible weight loss achievements and not stopping until we reach 100,000 pounds! If you have an inspiring weight loss story, share it with us today! Plus, learn surprising tips to crush calories and burn fat. An American Idol star shares how she lost 100 pounds, how a routine traffic stop inspired another woman to lose over 200 pounds … and a couple who lost over 300 pounds using something you may have hidden away in your attic right now. Find out what it is on THE DOCTORS’ BIGGEST weight loss show ever!

Friday October 26th:  “Real or Ridiculous? YOUR Outrageous Questions Answered!”  -  Buff away cellulite, banish bad breath, scrub away skin spots and more with the help of THE DOCTORS and special guest, beauty expert Kym Douglas. Embarrassing blemishes on your backside? Learn about a new facial … for your derriere. Plus, get your beauty rest – literally – with a pillow that promises to wake you up looking fabulous. And, smelly feet? Stinky scalp? Bad body odors come from one source. Find out what it is and how you can freshen up today.

For more information on “The Doctors” visit

Ann Romney, CeeLo Green and Hayden Panettiere visit “Rachael Ray” next week!

“Rachael Ray” airs weekdays @ 9am on WDAY/WDAZ.

Monday October 22nd: “CeeLo Green & Double Duty Pumpkin Tips”  –  The Voice’s CeeLo Green is stirring up fall inspired cocktails to go with Rach’s autumn style chicken dish! Then – pumpkins aren’t just for carving! We’ve got 3 double duty tips to transform your pumpkins into a cooler, a stocking, and a keg!

Tuesday October 23rd:  “Hayden Panettiere”  –  We’ve got the hottest country singer on TV – Nashville star Hayden Panettiere is here! But will she be able to guess country music’s leading ladies? We’re putting her to the test! Then – a woman who lost 160 pounds has a hot new bod and we’re teaching her how to dress it with a stunning head-to-toe makeover!

Wednesday October 24th:   “Surprise Wedding”  –  After 25 years with the same look, a married couple who thinks they’re getting a makeover gets the shock of their lives when we throw them a surprise second wedding! Then – want to hide your belly bulge? Designer Isaac Mizrahi sketches the answer to 3 common fashion problems!

Thursday October 25th:  “Ann Romney”  –  Can Ann Romney feed a family of 30 for under 5 bucks each? We’re putting politics aside as we challenge her to the ultimate bargain hunt…at a warehouse store! Then – what’s the one thing we don’t know about Mitt? Ann tells all in a game called “Romney Roulette”! Plus – Ann whips up Mitt’s fave dish – meatloaf!

Friday October 26th:  “Rachael is a Zookeeper for a Day”  –  What would Rach be doing if she weren’t a TV host? We kick off one wild episode when Rach works as a zookeeper for a day! Then – Buddy Valastro from TLC’s Cake Boss knocks a biggie off his bucket list…we’re putting him behind the wheel of a real racecar!

For more information visit

Valerie Bertinelli and Rosie O”Donnell visit “Dr. Oz” next week!

“Dr. Oz” airs weekdays @ 4pm on WDAY/WDAZ.

Monday October 22nd:  “VALERIE BERTINELLI’S WEIGHT LOSS! HOW SHE KEPT IT OFF!”  –  She’s opening up on drugs, divorce and how she overcame her lifelong battle with weight. Then, Valerie’s favorite healthy, delicious COMFORT FOOD RECIPES! Plus, Dr. Oz reveals THE BEST TIME OF DAY TO LOSE WEIGHT!

Tuesday October 23rd:  “MEDICINE’S MOST CONTROVERSIAL LEADERS REVEAL THEIR ‘FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH’ SECRETS!”  –  Surprising advances in modern and holistic health to LIVE LONGER.

Wednesday October 24th:  “AM I NORMAL…OR NUTS!?”  – Your weirdest questions about your quirks, anxieties and even your dreams–answered! Dr. Oz decides what’s normal and what is just plain NUTS! And, the 5 BEST FIXES for your top 5 SLEEP PROBLEMS.

Thursday October 25th:  “EXCLUSIVE: ROSIE O’DONNELL’S FIRST INTERVIEW”  - ROSIE O’DONNELL’S FIRST INTERVIEW since the HEART ATTACK she never saw coming! The steps she took that SAVED HER LIFE.  Find out why she’s on a mission–and the 5 warning signs of a heart attack every woman needs to know BEFORE it’s too late!

Friday October 26th:  “RECHARGE YOUR BODY 5 WAYS IN 5 DAYS!”  –  Dr. Oz’s Super Power Hour! 5 ways to recharge your body for a younger, smarter, faster you- in just 5 days! Boost your energy and jumpstart your weight loss. Solutions for your biggest complaints!

For more information on “Dr. Oz” visit

The Personal Side of Deepak Chopra We’ve Never Seen; next week on “The Jeff Probst Show”!

“The Jeff Probst Show” airs weekdays @ 2pm on WDAY/WDAZ.

Monday October 8th:  “The Woman Who Spent Her Childhood in a Storage Unit”  –  Jeff meets a woman who was raised in a storage unit with her parents and siblings.  She spent more than 10 years locked inside, until she escaped and started building a new life.   And, Lord Rob from TLC’s “Secret Princes” takes us through his journey going undercover in America to find love.

Tuesday October 9th:  “Dumped by Text by Bigamist Husband”  –  The stars of Sundance’s hit reality show “Push Girls” show how using a wheelchair hasn’t prevented them from leading fulfilling, exciting lives.  Then, a woman, dumped by her husband via text, uncovers his secret life and helps send him to jail.  Also, Fabio Viviani, star of Bravo’s “Life After Top Chef,” stops by for “Guys on the Couch.”

Wednesday October 10th:  “Son of a Guru – the Personal Side of Deepak Chopra We’ve Never Seen”  –  Spiritual icon Deepak Chopra and his son, Gotham, discuss “Decoding Deepak,” the new documentary that reveals rarely seen sides of the famous physician and writer.  Plus, meet Caine Monroy, the 10-year-old boy who captured the attention of the nation with his handmade, cardboard arcade, featured in a documentary seen by millions.

Thursday October 11th:  “Can They Keep Their Baby?”  –  Jeff meets a gay couple who dreamed of adopting a baby and the teen mom who determined their fate.  Plus, a mom who puts her life on the line every day trying to stop gang violence.

Friday October 12th:  “Unconventional Stars”  -  Actress Melanie Lynskey (Rose on Two and a Half Men) on achieving Hollywood success after being told her looks would hold her back.   Then, actor Oliver Platt joins Jeff to talk about his new movie “The Oranges” and gives his take on marriage and parenting.

For more information on “The Jeff Probst Show” visit

Belly Fat Cure and Tips for Saving Calories and Money, next week on “Rachael Ray”!

“Rachael Ray” airs weekdays @ 9am on WDAY/WDAZ.

Monday October 1st:  “Sherri Shepherd”  –  Don’t know what to do with your day-old bread and last night’s pasta? Rach shows us how to transform them into two delish recipes! Then – Sherri Shepherd chats about a new addition to her family and how she keeps her hubby on his toes…in the bedroom!

Tuesday October 2nd:  “Tips for Saving Calories and Money”  –  Why is “50” the magic number? First, we’re bringing you 5 easy snacks for under 50 calories each, including meatballs and cookies! Then – don’t think you can rock an outfit for under 50 bucks? Stylist Gretta Monahan shows us it’s child play as she shops the kids section for 4 grown ladies!

Wednesday October 3rd:  “Belly Fat Cure and Iyanla”  –  Can you eat pasta and dessert and still lose up to 9 lbs in a week? We’re giving you the tools to get a flat belly with food fake outs! Then – from family tiffs to wedding drama, OWN’s inspirational Iyanla gives our audience candid advice to help set their lives straight!

Thursday October 4th:  “13 Closet Staples & Marcus Samuelsson”  –  Ever feel like you have nothing to wear? We’re showing you how to turn 13 affordable closet staples into a wardrobe for 31 days! Then – we get a peek into the extraordinary life of one of today’s hottest chefs – Marcus Samuelsson! And – embrace October’s chill with a fall inspired cocktail. Plus – wild mushroom & apple grits!

Friday October 5th:  “Casual Friday & Game Day Foods”  –  Want to eat game day food without putting on the pounds? We’re whipping up a figure-friendly spin on football faves like nachos and buffalo chicken quesadillas! Then – who’s got the better arm? Sportscaster Erin Andrews and Rachael go head-to-head in a game day football toss!

For more information on “Rachael Ray” visit

Regis, Kevin and Danielle Jonas and Sharon Osbourne visit “Rachael Ray” next week!

“Rachael Ray” airs weekdays @ 9am on WDAY/WDAZ.

Monday September 24th:  “Regis’ Big Return to Daytime!”  –  It’s Regis’ big return to daytime as a special recurring guest on Rach – all season long! Plus – ever wonder what else to make with your mini muffin tin? It’s Mini Muffin Tin Week and we’re hooking you up with a slew of recipes from corn dogs to spinach and artichoke dip!

Tuesday September 25th:  “Sharon Osbourne”  –  Sharon Osbourne’s chatting about everything from her son’s health to her new granddaughter! Then – how portions have gotten super sized over the past fifty years and what that could mean for your waistline! Plus – Rach’s cooking up one tasty tot recipe for Mini Muffin Tin week!

Wednesday September 26th:  “Kevin and Danielle Jonas”  –  Wanna know what to serve guests at your next couples’ get-together? Rach’s hubby, John, is mixing it up with quick and easy cocktails. Plus – we’re going inside Kevin and Danielle Jonas’ kitchen to get their go-to recipes! And – Rach is rounding out Day 3 of Mini Muffin Tin Week with Philly Cheesesteak Bites!

Thursday September 27th:  “Lucy Liu & Organizing Pro Peter Walsh” –  We’re going inside Rach’s own home kitchen with organizational whiz Peter Walsh as he helps Rach get organized! Plus – Lucy Liu stops by to talk about her new show, Elementary! Then – Mini Muffin Tin Week gets even sweeter with Mini Muffin Cinnamon Rolls and Baked Jelly Doughnut Bites!

Friday September 28th:  “Potluck Party on Casual Friday!” –  It’s Casual Friday and what’s more casual than a Potluck Party? Our fiesta heats up as Blue Bloods’ Donnie Wahlberg shares one of his favorite snacks! Then – Mini Muffin Tin Week goes out with a bang when Rach whips up Corn Dog Poppers!

For more information on “Rachael Ray” visit

Joy Behar, Jeff Probst, Fergie and Michelle Obama visit “Rachael Ray” next week!

“Rachael Ray” airs weekdays @ 9am on WDAY/WDAZ.

Monday September 17th:    “Season Premiere, New Studio Reveal & First Lady Michelle Obama!”  –  We’re kicking off our Season Premiere by giving the first tour of our brand-new studio to the one and only First Lady Michelle Obama! And – it doesn’t stop there…the First Lady’s cooking, playing games and even participating in a “Fitness Face-off” with Rach!

Tuesday September 18th:  “National Cheeseburger Day”  –  We’re celebrating National Cheeseburger Day with 4 juicy cheeseburgers! And – it wouldn’t be a real burger show without Guy Fieri. He grills up his Ringer Burger with Vegas Fries! Then – what do you get when Rach puts fries and a cheeseburger together? She’s calling it Cheese Fry Chili Burger!

Wednesday September 19th:  “Joy Behar & Susan Lucci” –  Our favorite celebs are letting us into their personal space! The View’s Joy Behar will say anything. So, after a year of marriage, what advice will she give to 3 newlyweds? And – who is the man in the photo Joy keeps in her purse? It’s not her hubby! Then – Susan Lucci lets us into her closet…you’ll never guess what we found and threw out!

Thursday September 20th:  “Fergie’s Makeup Makeovers & Shoe Interventions”  –  Fergie turns stylist for the day as she dishes out sassy makeup makeovers and one stylish shoe intervention! Then – how does Fergie always look so glam? She reveals the secrets to her sexy style! Plus – Rach is throwing down a takeout food makeover!

Friday September 21st:  “Casual Friday with Jeff Probst”  –  We’re kicking off Casual Fridays with easy entertaining tips! Then – Buddy Valastro from TLC’s Cake Boss reveals his secrets to making one easy ice cream cake! Plus – Jeff Probst stops by to chat about his new talk show and give some guy advice to 3 ladies in our audience!

For more information on “Rachael Ray’ visit

Back to School Recipes and Supplies, Next week on “Rachael Ray”!

“Rachael Ray” airs weekdays @ 9am on WDAY/WDAZ.

Monday September 10th:  “DIY School Supplies”  –  It’s back to school time! So what do you do if you’ve bought too many school supplies? We’ve got five clever DIY tricks to use them all up! And don’t put away that grill just yet…Rach is grilling up sizzling steak skewers!

Tuesday September 11th:  “Baking School with TLC’s Buddy Valastro”  –  Rach is trying to ace Buddy’s Baking Class as they whip up two delicious, sweet treats!  Then – Rach is playing makeup artist assistant, as our pal Mally Roncal reveals budget-friendly makeup basics!

Wednesday September 12th:  “Plastic Surgery Fake Outs?” –  Can you really “fake” a facelift? From smoothing forehead wrinkles to plumping up your pout, our viewers put three products to an on-the-spot test! Then – before we move to our new studio on Monday, get an exclusive behind-the-scenes tour!

Thursday September 13th:  “Leftover Makeovers”  –  Our pal Sunny Anderson stretches a buck by turning leftover pizza, meatloaf and Chinese food into scrumptious snacks! Then – Rach cooks up a pasta dish that’ll get your kid to eat their veggies!

Friday September 14th:  “Rachael’s Moving Day”  –  It’s our last day in our old studio! While we wrap things up, handyman Carter Oosterhouse dishes out DIY decorating tips as he fixes up his new home with his new bride! Then – Rach’s one pot of chicken will equal three delicious dinners!

For more information on “Rachael Ray” visit

Fix your Closet Catastrophe; next week on “Rachael Ray”!

“Rachael Ray” airs weekdays @ 9am on WDAY/WDAZ.

Monday July 23rd:  “Celebrity Q & Ray”  –  Can you substitute apple sauce for oil? And what are celebrities’ secrets to staying fit? Jessica Alba, Guy Fieri and Elisabeth Hasselbeck are just a few of the experts answering your burning questions in our “Q & Ray” show! Then – the Cake Boss is whipping up a delicious dessert while answering your boldest baking questions!

Tuesday July 24th:  “Fix your Closet Catastrophe!”  –   Is your closet a catastrophe? Don’t know what to fold or how to hang? Fix it in a flash with Gretta Monahan’s simple solutions! Plus – we’ve got cool tips like using a wine rack for your shoes! Then – find out how arranging your pantry the right way can save you time and money!

Wednesday July 25th:  “Rach, Jr. Show!”  –  Welcome to the Rachael Ray show… juniors edition! We’re tipping our hats to young talent everywhere in our “Rach, Jr. Show!” Kicking it off is a 10 year old cook we’re calling “Little Rachael!” Then – a teen décor dynamo reveals his decorating tips that will blow your mind and not your budget! Plus – we introduce you to a 17 year old couponer who’s saved her family thousands of dollars!

Thursday July 26th:  “Beauty & Food Breakdown”  –  Can you decipher your food labels? From xanthan gum to carmine extract, The Doctors’ Dr. Travis Stork decodes what’s really in your food! Then – overwhelmed by the bounty of products in the beauty aisle? Gal pal Gretta makes navigating it a cinch with her beauty aisle breakdown!

Friday July 27th:  “Desperate Housewives’ Marcia Cross”  –  It’s double trouble as red hot Desperate Housewife Marcia Cross dishes on her adorable twin girls! Then – we surprise a hardworking mom of two sets of twins with a stunning makeover!

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Win a dream date with Iron-Chef Mario Batali; next week on “The Chew”!

“The Chew” airs weekdays @ 12noon on WDAY/WDAZ.

MONDAY, JULY 23 – “MONEY SAVING MONDAY” - Quick and affordable dishes; Tyler Blackburn (ABC Family’s “Pretty Little Liars”).

TUESDAY, JULY 24 – “WIN A DREAM DATE WITH MARIO BATALI” - Audience members compete for a “dream date” with Mario Batali.

WEDNESDAY, JULY 25 – “SIMPLE SUMMER” - Fun and simple summer treats; Chef Ming Tsai (“Ming’s Quest”).

THURSDAY, JULY 26 – “ALL-AMERICAN MEALS” - Everything from burgers to lemon aide; gym etiquette; Rachael Ray (“The Rachael Ray Show”).

FRIDAY, JULY 27 – “FOOD FLASHBACKS - A look back at favorite moments from “The Chew”; a behind-the-scenes tour of a macaroon factory.

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The Wedding Show: Style, Tips & DIY; next week on “Rachael Ray”!

“Rachael Ray” airs weekdays @ 9am on WDAY/WDAZ.

Monday July 16th:  “The Wedding Show: Style, Tips & DIY”  –  We’re kicking off our wedding show with the best part – dessert! Sunny Anderson shows us fancy fake outs to making and decorating your own cake on a budget! Then – from place cards to sparklers…we have DIY tips to give your wedding the ultimate personal touch!

Tuesday July 17th:  “2 for 1 Meal, Tips & Makeovers!”  –  We’re dishing up 2 for 1’s the whole episode! Starting with two, 2-in-1 recipes! Then – style buddy Gretta gives twins, who have looked the same for over 20 years, two totally different styles in our double duty makeover!

Wednesday July 18th:  “Michelle Obama Exclusive”  –  Rachael heads to D.C. for an exclusive visit with First Lady Michelle Obama and together they’re putting healthier foods in our schools – across the USA! Then – will the President or the First Lady play bad cop when their daughters start dating? Wait ‘til you hear what the First Lady says!

Thursday July 19th:  “Jennifer Hudson”  –  Oscar and Grammy winning mom, Jennifer Hudson, reveals how she lost 80 pounds and inspired weight loss across the country! Plus – Rach is serving up one well-balanced meal featuring chicken and sausage!

Friday July 20th:  “Easy Tips for Traveling with Kids”  –  Afraid your kids will act up on your next vacation? Parenting pro Jo Frost reveals her tips to keeping kids happy on the road and in the sky! Plus – what should you put in your “survival pack?” Find out which items will keep the tantrums at bay! Then – Will & Grace veteran, Eric McCormack, dishes about life on his new hit show Perception!

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Your Ultimate Grocery List; 99 Foods “Dr. Oz” wants in your shopping cart; next week!

“Dr. Oz” airs weekdays at 4pm on WDAY/WDAZ.

Monday July 16th:  “FAT-URDAY!”  –  Dr. Oz’s most shocking advice ever: cheat on your diet and still lose weight! Dr. Oz is giving you permission – no counting calories, no deprivation and no more guilt! Your three step plan to cheat and still lose weight! Satisfy your cravings without giving up what you love!

Tuesday July 17th:  “ALL NATURAL CURES FROM DR. ANDREW WEIL AND DR. OZ”  -  One hour packed with all-natural cures! The 5 holistic health secrets Dr. Weil lives by! Boost your energy, build immunity and ward off heart disease. Plus, alternative solutions for your pain, Dr. Weil’s cancer-fighting super meal and Dr. Oz’s kit to LOSE WEIGHT NATURALLY!

Wednesday July 18th:  “4 BODY PAINS THAT COULD MEAN CANCER”  –  The number-one warning sign no one can ignore — pain. Dr. Oz reveals the 4 pains that could mean cancer. Why surprisingly common pains could be a sign of a FAST-GROWING CANCER INSIDE OF YOU! What’s your risk? Plus, everyday cancer prevention solutions! A show that could save your life.

Thursday July 19th:  “YOUR ULTIMATE GROCERY LIST! 99 DIET FOODS DR. OZ WANTS IN YOUR SHOPPING CART!”  –  The wrong diet foods could be making you fatter – Dr. Oz has the only grocery list you’ll need. Save time, save money and lose weight with “Oz-approved” quick meals for every night of the week! Pizza, burgers, desserts and more!

Friday July 20th:  “THE ULTIMATE ‘AFTER 40’ GUIDE”  –  Weight loss wonders, fatigue fighters, hormone helpers, Botox alternatives and wrinkle erasers. Dr. Oz and his “over 40″ dream team reveal everything you need to know to look and feel your best after 40!

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What’s Better: OLD Cures or NEW Treatments? Find out next week on “The Doctors”!

“The Doctors” airs weekdays @ 11am on WDAY/WDAZ.

Monday July 9th:  “What’s Better: OLD Cures or NEW Treatments?”  –  Times have changed and so has medicine. Whether you want to look younger, get fit or prevent illness, THE DOCTORS helps you decide between tried and true or new and improved medical treatments.  Discover a life-saving breakthrough that allows doctors to see inside your body without a scope or surgery. Dr. Lisa debunks the top four menstrual myths and reveals an old-school sex trick for better orgasms. Plus, blast fat, build muscle and burn up to 1,000 calories in one hour!

Tuesday July 10th:  “Hide It, Fix It, Flaunt It”  –  Bloating! Flab! Frizz! THE DOCTORS shares solutions for your biggest body annoyances. Discover a simple and permanent fix for cellulite, learn the best way to conceal foot veins and more. Beauty expert Kym Douglas reveals the best shade of lipstick for your smile. Plus, how to firm your flabby behind, banish pimples and fix frizzy hair.

Wednesday July 11th:  “Don’t Take It for Granted”  –  Do you take your health for granted? From your sense of sight to the water you drink, THE DOCTORS reveals the surprising things we forget to appreciate. Discover a cutting-edge treatment for asthma.  Plus, foods you shouldn’t put in your body, a shocking driving danger and when falling asleep could be life-threatening.

Thursday July 12th:  “Ask Our Docs: New York City Edition”  –  THE DOCTORS answers The Big Apple’s biggest health questions! Learn the best and worst foods for your body and why your workout may be making you fatter. Plus, get solutions to fight frizz, soothe stress, get better sleep, heal body aches and much more!

Friday July 13th:  “The Procrastinator’s Guide to Losing Weight & Kicking Bad Habits!”  -  Do you twist your hair obsessively? Are you addicted to gum? What about eating fattening and sugarfilled foods? THE DOCTORS shows you the best ways to kick your bad habits to the curb! Learn how one man lost 160 pounds without stepping foot in the gym — and how you can too! Plus, how the “gluttony gene” may be to blame for your binge eating. Rejuvenate sun-damaged skin with an at-home miracle peel. And, Mob Wives reality star Renee Graziano’s plastic surgery nightmare!

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