A 24-Hour Stress Cleanse; next week on “Dr. Oz”!

Monday February 25th:  “DR. OZ’S 24-HOUR STRESS CLEANSE”  –  If you’re overwhelmed, overworked and stressed out, turn it all around in just one day! The easy-to-follow program designed to REDUCE YOUR STRESS and its negative effects on your health. Your step-by-step DETOX guide.

Tuesday February 26th:  “THE BIG FOOD COVER-UP!”  –  The New York Times reporter who uncovered a food industry BOMBSHELL. Dr. Oz investigates why you might be addicted to salt, sugar and fat! Dr. Oz exposes it all. What the food industry creates in a lab to get you hooked- and why they don’t want you to know!

Wednesday February 27th:  “THE MEDICAL INTUITIVE WHO SAYS YOU CAN HEAL YOURSELF!”  –  Meet the man who says you have the power to diagnose and treat your health problems. How you can use his techniques at home to read your own body. Plus, the only 3 cancer tests you need to take.

Thursday February 28th:  “MICHELLE OBAMA’S BIG ANNOUCEMENT!”  –  First Lady Michelle Obama on Oz’s stage – along with Secretary of Education Arne Duncan. The BIG ANNOUCEMENT that will change the health of our nation’s kids! Plus, Jillian Michaels reveals her 6 secrets on how to get and stay SLIM FOR LIFE!

Friday March 1st:  “LAXATIVE ABUSE: THE HIDDEN DANGERS”  –  Battling anorexia, a formerly obese mother dangerously addicted to laxatives – she went from 260 POUNDS TO JUST 78 POUNDS BY USING LAXATIVES. A Dr. Oz intervention! The desperate trend women like you are trying to lose weight quickly!

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