Shocking things you never knew about fast food; next week on “The Doctors”!

Monday February 18th:  “Elizabeth Perkins & ‘Real Housewives’ Star Dr. Karent Sierra”  –  Elizabeth Perkins, star of Showtime’s “Weeds,” discusses the challenges of living with Type 1 diabetes. Then, Real Housewife of Miami and celebrity dentist, Karent Sierra, gives a homeless woman a smile makeover. Don’t miss her life-changing transformation!  And, will drinking energy drinks land you in the ER? Plus, what should your man eat to boost his sperm count?

Tuesday February 19th:  “THE DOCTORS Unplugged: No Questions is Off Limits!”  –  Anything can, and does, happen in this unscripted hour of THE DOCTORS. Host of SyFy’s “Total Blackout,” Jaleel White, challenges Dr. Sears to prove his medical smarts — without one of his senses. Find out what’s lurking in the dark – and learn how it benefits your health. And, Dr. Lisa proves that age is just a number using her sense of touch. Then, how to transition your child from formula to baby food? THE DOCTORS demonstrates. Plus, THE DOCTORS shows you how to get that extra boost with an energy drink alternative that is better for your body.

Wednesday February 20th:  “Shocking Things You Never Knew About Fast Food and Chaz Bono Update”  –  Witness Chaz Bono’s weight loss journey: You won’t believe how much weight he’s lost in just three months. Plus, irritable? Sluggish? Low sex drive? Your fast food habit might be to blame. Find out what it’s made of.  And, American Idol singer Mandisa’s weight loss struggle. THE DOCTORS shares tips to help her overcome her cravings. Plus, want whiter teeth? Real Housewife and dentist Karent Sierra will make your smile sparkle.

Thursday February 21st:  “1st Annual Drs. ‘Against All Odds’ Awards Show”  –  THE DOCTORS rolls out the red carpet to recognize the most inspiring health stories of 2013! Meet our pick for “Couple of the Year” and see why people are calling the pair a real-life “The Notebook.” Then, find out how one sweet 6-year-old is helping raise funds for his best buddy’s rare condition. Plus, meet two amazing teens who invented new ways to fight cancer before they even graduated from high school. All that and meet your top pick for the Viewer’s Choice Award!

Friday February 22nd:  “Lose It, Lance It, Get Rid of It!”   –  Sparks fly as THE DOCTORS debates today’s controversial headlines during Friday News Feed. Plus, new procedures to extract kidney stones. Could they be the cures you’re looking for? And the foreign objects that small children swallow.  Learn when to worry about serious side effects and when to let them pass. Then, do you mix your cocktails with diet soda to cut calories? Find out why you should stop today!

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