The number one diet plan; secrets revealed next week on “Dr. Oz”!

Monday February 18th:  “DEADLY ADDERALL ABUSE!”  –  Your kids are taking it ILLEGIALLY to perform well on tests and DOCTORS are prescribing it without knowing the dangers. Hear from parents who know all too well the deadly consequences. Could your child be at risk? Why Dr. Oz is angry- and what YOU need to know now.

Tuesday February 19th:  “THE #1 DIET! DASH DIET SECRETS REVEALED!”  –  Lower your cholesterol and reduce your cancer risk with the #1 DIET THREE YEARS IN A ROW! It’s easy-to-follow, safe and provides LASTING RESULTS! Plus, old wives’ health tales your mother told you–debunked!

Wednesday February 20th:  “THE MYTHS EVEN GYNECOLOGISTS BELIEVE”  –  You’ve trusted your doctor for years- but have they got it all wrong? This gynecologist is setting the record straight and sharing what her colleagues won’t! Plus, Fitness guru Shaun T. is back with the 5 week plan to FIX your 5 worst problem areas!

Thursday February 21st:  “THE DISEASE YOUR DOCTOR CAN’T DIAGNOSE! MEDICAL MYSTERY SOLVED!”  –  If you’re BLOATED, FATIGUED and IN PAIN- and don’t know why – WATCH THIS! The mysterious condition you haven’t heard of until now! Dr. Oz’s alternative medical solutions to GET RELIEF. Plus, the most important supplements you don’t know about!

Friday February 22nd:  “THE ANTIOXIDANT MYTH: ARE THEY HARMFUL TO YOUR HEALTH?”  –  New evidence calls the benefits of antioxidants into question. Could they do more harm than good? Even put you at risk for CANCER? Dr. Oz investigates!

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