What your face reveals about your health; next week on “Dr. Oz”!

Monday February 11th:  “COUNTERFEIT FOODS: BUYER BEWARE!”  –  What you think you’re buying at the grocery store isn’t what you’re getting! Dr. Oz investigates FOOD FRAUD! FILLERS, INGREDIENT SWAPS and MISLEADING LABELS are stealing your money and putting your health at risk! How to spot the fakes!

Tuesday February 12th:  “COULD YOUR SLEEPING PILLS BE KILLING YOU? A DR. OZ ALERT!”  –  Breaking news! New research. The alarming cancer link – what you need to know before you take another pill!

Wednesday February 13th:  “DR. OZ ANSWERS YOUR MOST AWKWARD QUESTIONS OF ALL TIME!”  –  The embarrassing questions you’re too afraid to ask – until now! Nothing is off-limits! Plus, actress and best-selling author Marilu Henner show us her ENERGY MAKEOVER PLAN!

Thursday February 14th:  “THE MOST ELIGIBLE DOCTORS REVEAL THEIR BEST HEALTH SECRETS!”  –  50 of America’s hottest bachelor doctors reveal their TOP 50 HEALTH SECRETS! Simple tips to look younger and live longer!

Friday February 15th:  “WHAT YOUR FACE REVEALS ABOUT YOUR HEALTH”  –  Face reading – this ancient health practice is making a comeback! Uncover the clues before your doctor does to prevent the diseases you fear most! Plus, easy and free techniques to MELT AWAY YOUR PAIN WITHOUT MEDS!

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