The best weight loss tricks for your body type! Next week on “Dr. Oz”!

Monday February 4th:  “FAT MELTERS!”  –  Three new discoveries to BURN FAT FASTER without even moving. Simple, easy steps to MELT FAT with instant results! Day one of Dr. Oz’s Fat Fighting Solutions Week!

Tuesday February 5th:  “DR. OZ’S FLAT BELLY PLAN!”  –  Blast away your BELLY FAT- the ultimate plan to help you win the battle of your belly bulge. Everything you need to know- Dr. Oz has done all the work for you!

Wednesday February 6th:  “THE HCG SHOT FOR WEIGHT LOSS: IS IT RIGHT FOR YOU?”  –  Don’t just lose weight, KEEP IT OFF! Meet women like you who say this controversial shot has worked for them, and the doctor that’s convinced it works! Why Dr. Oz thinks it might work for YOU!

Thursday February 7th:  “REV UP YOUR METABOLISM SLUMP!”  –  Top secrets from the nutritionist who knows WHY YOU’RE NOT LOSING WEIGHT! It’s not your fault – the 3-phase plan to BOOST YOUR METABOLISM and JUMPSTART YOUR WEIGHT LOSS!

Friday February 8th:  “THE BEST WEIGHT LOSS TRICKS FOR YOUR BODY TYPE!”  –  The simplest advice ever! Dr. Oz searched the country to bring YOU the best tricks- NO DIETS REQUIRED. Plus, Paula Deen’s son revamps your favorite Southern recipes for HALF THE FAT AND CALORIES with all the flavor!

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  1. I can’t find (or exactly know where to look for)the week of Feb 4 show about the 3 exercises for a flat belly that where shown how to do. I would like to see those three exercises again and try them our I think they where all in a standing position and you turn your body from side to side.

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