Foods that fight Pain, Depression and Disease, next week on “The Doctors”!

Monday January 28th:  “The Best Weight Loss Tips for 2013!”  –  Ready, set, lose weight! Exercise guru Richard Simmons joins THE DOCTORS to get you motivated and moving. Plus, see real-life weight loss success stories and get tips from the people who’ve “been there, lost that.” And, Mike & Molly star, Reno Wilson pumps up your cardio with a calorie-burning spin session. Plus, all the reasons why you should try a protein shake made from peas.

Tuesday January 29th:  “Hollywood Legends’ Top Age-Defying Tips”  –  Look and feel young at any age! Hollywood film stars Diahann Carroll, Dyan Cannon and Jacqueline Bisset reveal the secrets of their eternal youth. And, see the amazing results of a new non-invasive skin-smoothing treatment. Miracles from the sea: learn how marine-based ingredients can brighten your hair and skin. Plus, an instant booty-lifting procedure.

Wednesday January 30th:  “Medical Advances You Need to Know About”  –  THE DOCTORS tackles your biggest fears about the flu. Get the latest on what you need to know to protect yourself and your family. Plus, anti-viral or anti-bacterial medicines: What’s the difference?  And, health-boosting new gadgets: Don’t miss a beat of your favorite music while keeping your ears clear — get your tunes through your cheekbones, and track your calories burned from your wrist. Plus, let your animal instincts go wild for this new exercise trend!

Thursday January 31st:  “Foods that Fight Pain, Depression & Disease”  –  Eat yourself healthy! Get the superfoods that soothe cold sores, sinus pain, heartburn and more.  Plus, surprising snacks to boost your mood, get glowing skin and spice up your sex life. The average American drinks a shocking 170 liters of soda per year. See how the sugary soft drinks may be wreaking havoc inside your body. Plus, the adverse effects they could be having on your brain.

Friday February 1st:  “THE DOCTORS Bowl: Sack Your Bad Health Habits”  –  Stay fit while watching football!  Get healthy swaps for your favorite game-day snacks and recipes that won’t widen your waistline.  Learn safety tips for barbequing and grilling. Plus, Buffalo defensive end Shawne Merriman teams up with one aspiring young athlete to stay healthy and in shape during the offseason. And, helmets and head injuries: how safe is your child on the field?

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