6 days to your complete body reshape, next week on “Dr. Oz”!

Monday January 21st:  “SECRETS THE FAST FOOD INDUSTRY DOESN’T WANT YOU TO KNOW!”  –  Expert insiders go UNDERCOVER to expose IT ALL! Controversial additives, questionable quality control, hidden health hazards and more. What you need to know- BEFORE YOU ORDER!

Tuesday January 22nd:  “THE NEW HYPNOSIS FOR WEIGHT LOSS: 7 DAYS, 7 TECHNIQUES”  –  THE NEW HYPNOSIS FOR WEIGHT LOSS: 7 DAYS, 7 TECHNIQUES to take the weight off effortlessly. Can you TRICK YOUR BODY into thinking it’s NATURALLY THIN? Get hypnotized during the show and find out!

Wednesday January 23rd:  “ARE GEL MANICURES SAFE?”  –  Before you get a gel manicure- watch this! Infections, reactions, even cancer?? Should you stop doing them? Plus, what your dreams are telling you about your health.

Thursday January 24th:  “6 DAYS TO YOUR COMPLETE BODY RESHAPE!”  –  The new warrior of weight loss, “Tapout’s” Mike Karpenko, joins Dr. Oz to change your body in ways you never thought possible! Burn 1200 calories in a SINGLE workout. Plus, the 4 week plan with Terry and Rebecca Crews to get healthy with your spouse!

Friday January 25th:  “WHAT’S YOUR SIXTH SENSE TRYING TO TELL YOU ABOUT YOUR HEALTH?”  –  Have a nagging feeling that something’s not right? How to use your sixth sense to predict your health! Plus, NEVER GET SICK AGAIN with Dr. Oz’s ways to boost your immunity.

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