Could your Hospital be killing you? Next week on “The Doctors”!

January 21st:  “How EIGHT May Help You Lose WEIGHT!”  –  How to lose weight in eight seconds, minutes, days or weeks! The top signs you’re an emotional eater and how to stop. Simple kitchen swaps to slash calories and shed fat. And, delicious 100-calorie snacks. Plus, how taking pictures of your food can help you lose weight.

January 22nd:  “50 Questions From 50 Ages”  –  Health questions from viewers of all ages: Can you eat too much fruit? Why do you take some medications with food? And, are “lefties” more at risk for heart problems? Plus, 47 more questions answered.

Wednesday January 23rd:  “Could Your Hospital Be Killing You?”  –  The life-saving questions you must ask before tests, treatments and surgeries. Plus, which procedures you should think twice about. And, tips for picking the right physician and hospital. Also, find out the important difference between a cosmetic and a plastic surgeon.

Thursday January 24th:  “Biggest Health Problems That Get on Your NERVES!”  –  Learn how to tell when back pain is more than just stress. Five foods to prevent nerve pain. The warning signs of preeclampsia during pregnancy. Then, why one woman could actually hear her organs working inside her body. Find out how her doctor helped her.

Friday January 25th:  “Winter Health Tips From Summer Olympians”  –  Eight-time medalist Olympic speed skater Apolo Ohno shares his top secrets for winter workouts. Plus, Olympic silver medalists Jen Kessy  and April Ross challenge Dr. Travis and Dr. Sears to a volleyball match. Then, swim lessons from gold medalist Cullen Jones – see how he’s making a splash to help save lives. And, gold medalist sprinter Carmelita Jeter reveals secrets from inside an Olympic-caliber workout.

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