Meredith Viera and Dr. Sanjay Gupta visit “Dr. Oz” next week!

Monday December 17th:  “DR. SANJAY GUPTA AND DR. OZ TOGETHER!”  –  The hottest health news you need to know. Plus- the first-ever surgeon showdown, Oz and Sanjay go head-to-head!

Tuesday December 18th:  “DR. OZ’S HAPPINESS BOOSTERS!”  –  Recharge your body, boost your energy and your mood- instantly! Plus – LOSE WEIGHT and STOP OVEREATING by knowing your “hunger type”. What is it? Find out!

Wednesday December 19th:  “MEREDITH VIEIRA”  –  MEREDITH VIEIRA opens up to Dr. Oz about her husband’s battle with Multiple Sclerosis, why she left The Today Show, and the other love of her life. Then, A DR. OZ ALERT! The hidden ingredient in your FRENCH FRIES that could cause CANCER – what the food industry doesn’t want you to know!

Thursday December 20th:  “DR. OZ TAKES ON TV’S SEXTUPLET TODDLERS!”  –  The six little McGhee’s are taking over Oz’s stage! Find out how their parents manage this team of toddlers. What happens when the cameras stop rolling? Plus, Marlo Thomas’ miracle cancer kids!

Friday December 21st:  “DR. OZ’S ULTIMATE INSIDER’S GUIDE: THE NEWEST MEDICAL BREAKTHROUGHS!”  –  Exclusive first-looks – from a lifesaving new treatment for heart disease, to a revolutionary FAT-MELTING procedure! Everything you need to know!

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