Nate Berkus and Dr. Joel Furhman visit “Dr. Oz” next week!

“Dr. Oz” airs weekdays @ 4pm on WDAY/WDAZ.

Monday December 3rd:  “ARE YOU ADDICTED TO WHEAT?”  –  Is wheat making you sicker and fatter than ever? The controversial news on “Frankenwheat.” Is this the revolutionary discovery to lose 15 pounds in just 30 days? The Dr. Oz experiment!

Tuesday December 4th:  “DR. OZ’S COLD & FLU WINTER RESCUE RX!”  –  The season is here- are you prepared? From the best cough medicine to the biggest cold & flu myths – WHAT WORKS and what doesn’t to keep your family healthy!

Wednesday December 5th:  “IS THIS THE SECRET TO WEIGHT LOSS?” –  Bestselling author Dr. Joel Furhman- the man at the forefront of a new medical revolution! He’s the man behind the national bestseller “EAT TO LIVE”- does he hold the secret to transforming your health? And, do you know YOUR METABOLISM TYPE? Why what you don’t know is making you fat- the CUSTOMIZED PLAN TO LOSE WEIGHT!

Thursday December 6th:  “NATE BERKUS!”  –  How he survived his darkest health days. Then, an exclusive look inside Nate’s home. If your house is cluttered- his design secrets will put an end to your anxiety! Plus, everyday mistakes that could be AGING YOU!

Friday December 7th:  “DR. OZ’S ULTIMATE “HOW HEALTHY ARE YOU?” QUIZ!”  –  20 questions that could save your life! When it comes to your health are you passing or failing?!  Grab a paper and pen, just 15 minutes that can change your life! Plus, the types of PAIN you should never ignore!

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