Deepak Chopra and Tim Ferriss visit “Dr. Oz” next week!

“Dr. Oz” airs weekdays @ 4pm on WDAY/WDAZ.

Monday November 19th:  “DEEPAK CHOPRA: REVERSE MEMORY LOSS AND PREVENT ALZHEIMER’S!”  –  One of the country’s leading healers is turning the medical world upside down. The revolutionary plan- find out how it can work for you. Plus, meet the man behind it all- without him there would be no Dr. Oz show!

Tuesday November 20th:  “BOOST YOUR ENERGY IN RECORD TIME!”  –  The “4-Hour” guru Tim Ferriss is back! If you’re running on empty this show is for you! He’s tested everything so you don’t have to- WHAT WORKS! Plus, Tim’s secrets to REBOOT YOUR RECIPES and jumpstart your weight loss.

Wednesday November 21st:  “RED FLAGS YOUR BODY IS AGING TOO FAST!”  –  Dr. Oz reveals the 7 warning signs that your body is aging faster than it should. Plus – are you moody, exhausted, anxious and don’t know why? The surprising hidden reason behind it all!

Thursday November 22nd:  “FIRST LADY MICHELLE OBAMA!”  –  Michelle Obama and Dr. Oz sit down on Oz’s stage! Obesity in America: THE CONTROVERSY. Dr. Oz asks the questions you won’t see anywhere else.

Friday November 23rd:  “KIRSTIE ALLEY! THE COMBACK QUEEN”  –  Kirstie Alley talks to Dr. Oz about her roller coaster battle with weight. Has Hollywood’s most infamous yo-yo dieter FINALLY CONQUERED THE FAT? Plus, how to tell if you’re thin for good, or if the weight’s coming back! Also, Dr. Oz’s “forever thin” plan to KEEP THE WEIGHT OFF FOR LIFE!

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