Five Diet Myths Busted; Next Week on “Dr. Oz”!

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Monday November 5th:  “TURBOCHARGE YOUR METABOLISM FOR YOUR BODY TYPE!”  –  The customized plan to BURN CALORIES FASTER. Whether you’re apple or pear-shaped- or fat all over- how to spark your metabolism and burn fat 24/7!

Tuesday November 6th:  “DR OZ’S AFTER 35 SURVIVAL KIT!”  –  Dr. Oz and his panel of experts reveal the NEWEST SOLUTIONS to relieve stress, banish belly bloat, boost your libido and more! All of Dr. Oz’s essentials YOU need to feel like you did in your 20’s!

Wednesday November 7th:  “FIVE DIET MYTHS BUSTED! THE SHOCKING HEALTH MYTHS EVEN YOUR DOCTOR BELIEVES!”  –  The biggest myths making you FAT! The most explosive experiments on Dr. Oz’s stage to separate FACT from FICTION!

Thursday November 8th:  “YOUR BIGGEST CANCER RISKS: DR. OZ’S BIGGEST SOLUTIONS!”  –  Dr. Oz’s new breakthrough recommendations to fight and PREVENT cancer from striking YOU! What you can do TODAY to save your life tomorrow!

Friday November 9th:  “THAT’S AWKWARD: DR OZ ANSWERS THE QUESTIONS YOU’D NEVER ASK YOUR DOCTOR!”  –  The shocking questions you’re too afraid to ask! Nothing is off limits-Dr. Oz has the UNCENSORED answers to your most embarrassing health questions!

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