Joey Lawrence and Jennie Garth visit “The Jeff Probst Show” this week!

“The Jeff Probst Show” airs weekdays @ 2pm on WDAY/WDAZ.

Monday October 29th:  “Teen Star Lisa Whelchel: Surviving Survivor & Divorce”  –  Known to millions as Blair from “The Facts of Life,” actress Lisa Whelchel reveals a more personal side to Jeff, learned from their time together in the trenches on “Survivor.” The actress also opens up about her divorce and life as an empty nest mom.

Tuesday October 30th:  “From Child Star to Chippendale: Joey Lawrence & NCIS: LA Star Daniela Ruah”  –  Joey Lawrence (“Melissa and Joey”) kicks back and enjoys a beer on the couch as he dishes about teen stardom and behind-the-scenes rivalries at “Dancing with the Stars.” Daniela Ruah, star of “NCIS: Los Angeles” also reenacts the audition blunder that nearly derailed her career.

Wednesday October 31st:  “Jeff Goes Undercover To Reveal Psychic Secrets”  –  Jeff undergoes a dramatic physical transformation and poses as a psychic. Using some tricks of the trade taught to him by a former professional medium who wants to blow the whistle on the industry, Jeff will attempt to give psychic readings. Will people believe what he tells them? Plus, world renowned hypnotist Tom Silver explains how hypnosis works and brings members of the audience into a fun, unexpected demonstration.

Thursday November 1st:  “Moms on Strike”  –  Meet the mom who made international headlines by going on strike in her own home. Plus, hear expert advice on what steps to take to get your family to pitch in without having to throw in the towel.

Friday November 2nd:  “Jennie Garth: 90210’s Sweetheart on Life After Divorce”  –  “Beverly Hills, 90210” sweetheart Jennie Garth talks about her dating fears, how she lost 30 pounds, and her new Lifetime movie, playing a character inspired by Nancy Grace.

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