Healthy Halloween Tricks & Tips; next week on “The Doctors”!

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Monday October 29th:  “3 Amazing Medical Stories!”  –  Could a simple fall cause a severe brain injury? Find out how doctors removed part of a woman’s skull, and placed it in her stomach while performing brain surgery. Plus, if you think looks are everything, hear how 23-year old Lizzie overcame extreme bullying in relation to her rare disorder, which causes facial disfigurement. And, in an EXCLUSIVE video, see American Idol star Kellie Pickler shave her head in a daring gesture of solidarity for a friend suffering from breast cancer. What you can do to reduce your own cancer risk.

Tuesday October 30th:  “Healthy Halloween Tricks & Tips!”  –  THE DOCTORS’ costumes make them look like their favorite talk show hosts! They’ll fill your goody bag with hairraising health statistics, frightening facts and trick-or-treating tips for a safe and healthy Halloween. Modern Family star Julie Bowen shares her spookiest health story. Could it happen to you or your kids? And, learn which candy is just as harmful to your teeth as battery acid. Plus, watch what happens inside your body when you experience a good scare!

Wednesday October 31st:  “Your STICKIEST, RUNNIEST & MUSHIEST Body Problems Solved!”  –  THE DOCTORS cleans up your stickiest, runniest and mushiest health messes yet! IBS can wreak havoc on  your stomach AND your sex life. From the bathroom to the bedroom, learn how the distressing condition can affect your daily routine. Gunky eyes? Learn where that eye gunk comes from and how to get rid of it. Plus, surprising ways to increase your man’s sperm count.

Thursday November 1st:  “Shop ‘Til You Don’t Drop: Shopping Dangers You Never Knew!”  –  From mall migraines to off-the-rack anxiety attacks, THE DOCTORS reveals the shocking health risks of  shopping.  Ladies: Love sampling free products at the makeup counter? You may be getting more than you bargained for – including pink eye, E. coli or even herpes. Then, thousands of kids are sent to the E.R. every year due to shopping-related injuries. Find out which ones and how to keep your kids safe.

Friday November 2nd:  “That Bites! When Animals, Bugs & People Attack!”  –  Painful bee stings! Toxic cat bites! Deadly snake venom! When animals attack, would you know what to do? A Hollywood snake expert brings the world’s most slithery serpents to THE DOCTORS stage to show you how to avoid becoming a snakebite statistic. Get must-know facts about flea, tick and mosquito bites. Parents: Learn about a new “super” breed of head lice that may be heading for your child’s school! Plus, find out what spiders have to do with reversing erectile dysfunction.

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