Valerie Bertinelli and Rosie O”Donnell visit “Dr. Oz” next week!

“Dr. Oz” airs weekdays @ 4pm on WDAY/WDAZ.

Monday October 22nd:  “VALERIE BERTINELLI’S WEIGHT LOSS! HOW SHE KEPT IT OFF!”  –  She’s opening up on drugs, divorce and how she overcame her lifelong battle with weight. Then, Valerie’s favorite healthy, delicious COMFORT FOOD RECIPES! Plus, Dr. Oz reveals THE BEST TIME OF DAY TO LOSE WEIGHT!

Tuesday October 23rd:  “MEDICINE’S MOST CONTROVERSIAL LEADERS REVEAL THEIR ‘FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH’ SECRETS!”  –  Surprising advances in modern and holistic health to LIVE LONGER.

Wednesday October 24th:  “AM I NORMAL…OR NUTS!?”  – Your weirdest questions about your quirks, anxieties and even your dreams–answered! Dr. Oz decides what’s normal and what is just plain NUTS! And, the 5 BEST FIXES for your top 5 SLEEP PROBLEMS.

Thursday October 25th:  “EXCLUSIVE: ROSIE O’DONNELL’S FIRST INTERVIEW”  – ROSIE O’DONNELL’S FIRST INTERVIEW since the HEART ATTACK she never saw coming! The steps she took that SAVED HER LIFE.  Find out why she’s on a mission–and the 5 warning signs of a heart attack every woman needs to know BEFORE it’s too late!

Friday October 26th:  “RECHARGE YOUR BODY 5 WAYS IN 5 DAYS!”  –  Dr. Oz’s Super Power Hour! 5 ways to recharge your body for a younger, smarter, faster you- in just 5 days! Boost your energy and jumpstart your weight loss. Solutions for your biggest complaints!

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