The Personal Side of Deepak Chopra We’ve Never Seen; next week on “The Jeff Probst Show”!

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Monday October 8th:  “The Woman Who Spent Her Childhood in a Storage Unit”  –  Jeff meets a woman who was raised in a storage unit with her parents and siblings.  She spent more than 10 years locked inside, until she escaped and started building a new life.   And, Lord Rob from TLC’s “Secret Princes” takes us through his journey going undercover in America to find love.

Tuesday October 9th:  “Dumped by Text by Bigamist Husband”  –  The stars of Sundance’s hit reality show “Push Girls” show how using a wheelchair hasn’t prevented them from leading fulfilling, exciting lives.  Then, a woman, dumped by her husband via text, uncovers his secret life and helps send him to jail.  Also, Fabio Viviani, star of Bravo’s “Life After Top Chef,” stops by for “Guys on the Couch.”

Wednesday October 10th:  “Son of a Guru – the Personal Side of Deepak Chopra We’ve Never Seen”  –  Spiritual icon Deepak Chopra and his son, Gotham, discuss “Decoding Deepak,” the new documentary that reveals rarely seen sides of the famous physician and writer.  Plus, meet Caine Monroy, the 10-year-old boy who captured the attention of the nation with his handmade, cardboard arcade, featured in a documentary seen by millions.

Thursday October 11th:  “Can They Keep Their Baby?”  –  Jeff meets a gay couple who dreamed of adopting a baby and the teen mom who determined their fate.  Plus, a mom who puts her life on the line every day trying to stop gang violence.

Friday October 12th:  “Unconventional Stars”  –  Actress Melanie Lynskey (Rose on Two and a Half Men) on achieving Hollywood success after being told her looks would hold her back.   Then, actor Oliver Platt joins Jeff to talk about his new movie “The Oranges” and gives his take on marriage and parenting.

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