How to look skinnier in minutes; next week on “Rachael Ray”!

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Monday October 8th:  “Mystery Taster & Look 10 Pounds Slimmer”  –  Want to look 10 pounds slimmer without dieting? We’re showing off clothes that’ll transform your body in minutes! Then – our first Mystery Taster in our new home! Plus – Rach is topping one zesty burger with bacon and eggs!

Tuesday October 9th: “5 Desserts in 5 Minutes” –  How can you make 5 desserts in 5 minutes? Sunny Anderson is dishing up sweet treats you can make in your microwave! Then – organizational pro Peter Walsh is going through Rach’s kitchen and organizing her junk drawer…with an ice cube tray and box of pasta!

Wednesday October 10th: “How to Look Skinnier in Minutes!” –  We’re giving you the skinny on looking skinnier in minutes! First – want to slim your waistline in a flash? We’re walking you through a day in the life of the “Belly Melt Diet!” Then – Gretta Monahan’s denim “do’s” and “don’ts” help 2 ladies drop 2 sizes each just by swapping out their jeans!

Thursday October 11th:  “Easy Tips to Look 10 Years Younger!” –  We’re tapping into the fountain of youth as our style pros reveal their secrets to looking 10 years younger! Then – Rach transforms your favorite soup into a burger with french onion patty melts!

Friday October 12th:  “Nick Cannon, Nancy O’Dell”  –  How does Nick Cannon balance Hollywood with daddyhood? Nick’s dishing on his adorable twins and what life’s like with Mariah hosting American Idol! Then – Nancy O’Dell reveals her must-have items just in time for fall fashion! And – Rach’s got a roasted tomato soup that’ll warm you from the inside out!

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