Belly Fat Cure and Tips for Saving Calories and Money, next week on “Rachael Ray”!

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Monday October 1st:  “Sherri Shepherd”  –  Don’t know what to do with your day-old bread and last night’s pasta? Rach shows us how to transform them into two delish recipes! Then – Sherri Shepherd chats about a new addition to her family and how she keeps her hubby on his toes…in the bedroom!

Tuesday October 2nd:  “Tips for Saving Calories and Money”  –  Why is “50” the magic number? First, we’re bringing you 5 easy snacks for under 50 calories each, including meatballs and cookies! Then – don’t think you can rock an outfit for under 50 bucks? Stylist Gretta Monahan shows us it’s child play as she shops the kids section for 4 grown ladies!

Wednesday October 3rd:  “Belly Fat Cure and Iyanla”  –  Can you eat pasta and dessert and still lose up to 9 lbs in a week? We’re giving you the tools to get a flat belly with food fake outs! Then – from family tiffs to wedding drama, OWN’s inspirational Iyanla gives our audience candid advice to help set their lives straight!

Thursday October 4th:  “13 Closet Staples & Marcus Samuelsson”  –  Ever feel like you have nothing to wear? We’re showing you how to turn 13 affordable closet staples into a wardrobe for 31 days! Then – we get a peek into the extraordinary life of one of today’s hottest chefs – Marcus Samuelsson! And – embrace October’s chill with a fall inspired cocktail. Plus – wild mushroom & apple grits!

Friday October 5th:  “Casual Friday & Game Day Foods”  –  Want to eat game day food without putting on the pounds? We’re whipping up a figure-friendly spin on football faves like nachos and buffalo chicken quesadillas! Then – who’s got the better arm? Sportscaster Erin Andrews and Rachael go head-to-head in a game day football toss!

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