Five Diet Myths Busted; What’s Really Making you Fat? Next week on “Dr. Oz”!

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Monday June 11th:  “FIVE DIET MYTHS BUSTED! WHAT’S REALLY MAKING YOU FAT?”  –  Can eating after eight make you gain weight? Does diet soda help or hurt you? Are carbs really that bad for you? Stop sabotaging your weight loss! Plus, the new MIRACLE MUST-HAVE for your kitchen to help you GET SKINNY!

Tuesday June 12th:  “THAT’S AWKWARD: DR. OZ ANSWERS THE MOST OUTRAGEOUS AND EMBARRASSING QUESTIONS EVER!”  –  Dr. Oz searched nationwide for the most uncomfortable and awkward questions you’re too afraid to ask your doctor! From gas to body odor to sex… no topic is off limits!

Wednesday June 13th:  “WOMEN DYING TO BE THIN!”  –  Can Dr. Oz help women on the brink of death? Go inside the world of extreme anorexics. She’s 31 and 73 pounds– her husband’s emotional plea for help. Women doing whatever it takes to get skinny. Plus, the shocking pro-anorexia websites TEACHING WOMEN TO BECOME ANOREXIC. The Dr. Oz intervention you do not want to miss!

Thursday June 14th:  “GOLDIE HAWN’S SECRETS TO STAYING YOUNG!”  –  At age 63, the timeless actress shares her age-defying secrets and reveals her “golden” rules for happiness–in just 10 minutes a day! Plus, Goldie opens up about her battle with depression and how she re-discovered her joy.

Friday June 15th:  “THE NEW HYPNOSIS FOR WEIGHT LOSS! CAN YOU TRICK YOUR BODY INTO THINKING IT’S HAD GASTRIC BYPASS SURGERY?”  –  Hypnotist, Paul McKenna says it is possible! Can this unconventional treatment really make you thin? THE DRAMATIC RESULTS from people who say it works. The entire studio audience– and you at home-
– try it and decide!

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