Are YOU Lying To Yourself? 5 Simple Health Truths Revealed, Next Week on “The Doctors”!

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Monday April 23rd:  “That Pain May NOT Be What You Think!”  –  Back pain! Tooth pain! Head pain! You’ve tried everything, but it won’t go away. THE DOCTORS reveals what’s really causing your ailments so you can get rid of them for good! Discover a cutting-edge device that can save you from heart failure. Plus, stop unexplained back pain, tips for managing diabetes on a budget, the surprising culprit behind toothaches and more.

Tuesday April 24th:  “Reduce Stress in 15 Minutes, End Pain in 30… and Have 1 Hour of Great Sex!”  –  THE DOCTORS reveals time-saving solutions to ease stress, reduce pain and revitalize your sex life. Find out the four things in your bedroom that may ruin your relationship. Plus, a pre-sex milkshake to boost your libido. Learn why you should take more naps, have more pillow fights and more. And, helpful tips from your best friend – your pet!

Wednesday April 25th:  “Are YOU Lying To Yourself? 5 Simple Health Truths Revealed!”  –  THE DOCTORS uncovers the lies you may not even realize you’re telling yourself about your health. Are you in denial about your waistline? Dr. Mike Moreno, author of The 17 Day Diet, shares recipes and tips to cut the excuses AND the fat. Soothe heartburn and acid reflux once and for all … without a pill. Plus, the only guide you should be following for your heart health.

Thursday April 26th:  “What’s REALLY Living IN, ON & AROUND Your Body?”  –  From your scalp to your stomach and even your toes, THE DOCTORS reveals the surprising places creepy-crawlies may be living in, on and around your body. Discover the top germ hiding places you would never expect and simple steps to preventing eye parasites, scabies and bedbugs. Plus, learn how armpit bacteria can influence your love life, how stress can affect your scalp and the location of the dirtiest place on the human body.

Friday April 27th:  “FIGHT Aging Skin, Look HOT In Pictures & Keep HIM Turned On!”  –  THE DOCTORS unlocks the secrets to a sexier you! Discover the best foods for your skin, anti-aging tips you can’t afford to miss, clear complexion tips you can do yourself and how to look 30 at 50. Plus, learn the science behind taking the perfect picture. And, from baby talk in the bedroom to role play in the hay, find out what really turns your partner on.

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