Twelve Month Plan for a New You in 2012; “The Doctors” explain next week!

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Monday January 2nd:  “Hard to Pronounce, Easy to Treat!”  –  Actress and busy mom Jennie Garth opens up about her debilitating lifelong ailment of migraines. Learn the causes and how to manage them. Plus, how the game Operation can save you and your loved ones. See it in action on a life-sized game board!

Tuesday January 3rd:  “Twelve Month Plan for a New You in 2012”  –  It’s a new year, and time for a new you! Learn how to take charge of your health today as THE DOCTORS helps you curb cravings, look younger and stick to your wellness resolutions for 2012. Cut calories without counting! Take on THE DOCTORS’ Eat Fresh Challenge. And, Dr. Masterson shares tips
to a stress-free year. Plus, reach your fitness goals, reduce wrinkles, and more.

Wednesday January 4th:  “Thirty Ways the Color White Affects You this Winter!”  –  From the foods you eat to the cells in your body, learn how white influences your wellness. Which is
healthier: white wine or red? White or dark chocolate? Get answers at THE DOCTORS’ Winter White Party. And, see how ice can help you lose weight, heal wounds and cure a cold. Then, find out the
surprising culprits of cold weather weight gain. Plus, tips for whiter teeth, smoother skin, stronger nails and more!

Thursday January 5th:  “Weight Loss Secrets From A to Z”  –  Start the year off right! From must-know workouts to surprising weight-loss secrets, THE DOCTORS slims you down from A to Z. Do you blame the size of your jeans on your genes? Learn if genetics really dictate your weight. And, forget jumping jacks; try “jumping Jims!” Dr. Sears reveals his fat-burning spin on the classic callisthenic. Plus, low calorie snack choices, how to get tighter abs and more!

Friday January 6th:  “Fix Your Flat Hair, Flat Feet, Flat Booty and More!”  –  Get a five-day fix for a flatter tummy – no workouts required! And, Dr. Ordon shares surgical and nonsurgical
solutions to enhance your body’s most frustrating areas. Plus, rubber cement facial injections?  Superglue sutures? THE DOCTORS weighs in on toxic and illegal cosmetic treatments.

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