How to Look Younger, Get Fitter, and Feel Healthier today, “The Doctors” explain Next Week!

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Monday December 26th:  “The Pregnant Man: After the Baby”  –  In 2007, Thomas Beatie made headlines as the first man in history to give birth. After years under the radar, THE DOCTORS uncovers everything you didn’t know about the controversial pregnancy and delivery. Thomas and his wife, Nancy, speak out about their fight to be accepted as a family. Plus, hear the staggering secret that’s putting their marriage to the test.

Tuesday December 27th:  “How to Supersize Your Health!”  –  THE DOCTORS shows you how to look younger, get fitter and feel healthier today. Learn how to fight fatigue and halt headaches with your next meal. And, Supermodel Niki Taylor shares health and beauty tricks for moms on the go. Plus, get the no-sit-up secret for sexy abs!

Wednesday December 28th:  “Revealing Personal Health Info: The Dos and Don’ts”  –  From your medical history to your sex life, find out which details you need to divulge. Can insurance
companies use your information against you? Get tips on filling out the forms. And, meat-eaters vs. vegetarians: Who’s healthier? Get the skinny on your eating habits. Plus, how to arm your family against the flu.

Thursday December 29th:  “How PINK Affects Your Health”  – THE DOCTORS reveals the good, bad and pretty powers of pink. Learn how to re-shape your body and your life. And, see how to erase unsightly scars using the latest laser technology. Plus, how to prevent pimples before they pop up!

Friday December 30th:  “Get Thin, Get Pretty, Get Rich”  –  THE DOCTORS helps you reach your health, beauty and financial goals! Learn how to minimize pores, reduce signs of aging and more. And, find out how your appearance may affect your professional image.  Plus, hear a mother’s moving story of overcoming domestic violence. Then, set forth on the road to riches – starting with your next meal.

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