Ways To Live a Longer Life? “The Doctors” share 10 ways next week!

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Monday December 5th:  “The Cost of Living”  –  From annual check-ups to surgeries, health care costs add up! THE DOCTORS helps you manage your well-being on a budget. Learn how to get free exams, save money at the pharmacy and more. Plus, feed
a family of four for $10! And, don’t miss country music superstar Ronnie Dunn perform his latest single, Cost of Livin’.

Tuesday December 6th:  “Tantrum Camp for Women”  – Kicking, screaming, pulling hair – it’s not the terrible twos; adults throw fits, too! THE DOCTORS takes three explosive women to Tantrum Camp. Get tips for staying calm behind the wheel. Learn the foods to soothe your nerves. And, is make-up sex really a good idea? Plus, don’t miss THE DOCTORS’ Anger Management 101, and get your rage under control.

Wednesday December 7th:  Cancer, SIDS, behavioral disorders – THE DOCTORS tackles America’s most pressing health problems. Get vital tips for safeguarding your baby against SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome). Also, could your child’s out-of-control behavior be a sign of a serious medical problem? Plus, meet a man who dropped 300 pounds without surgery or a trainer. And, surgery to prevent cancer; is it really an option?

Thursday December 8th:  “Ten Ways to Live a Longer Life!”  –  THE DOCTORS brings you 10 ways to live longer. A new test may predict your life expectancy. Would you want to know? And, learn how pets can save lives. Meet one four-legged hero that rescued its owners from a dire situation. Plus, you’ve heard of vacations, staycations and daycations, but what about playcations? It’s the newest way to de-stress for less. Also, foods that increase your lifespan, secrets to staying sexy after 50, and more!

Friday December 9th:  “THE DOCTORS’ Wake-Up Call with Jillian, Part Four”  –  Three addictions have three marriages on the brink of destruction. Time is running out at THE DOCTORS’ House. Will these addicts change their ways before it’s too late? Don’t miss part four of “THE DOCTORS’ Wake-Up Call with Jillian!”

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