A Group of Video Game Geeks Bring Their Best Gaming Skills to the Table, Sunday on ABC’s “Million Dollar Mind Game”!

“Episode 102” – Six self-proclaimed video game geeks, including a game developer, music composer and illustrator, showcase the ultimate meeting of the minds as they work together for the ultimate goal of $1 million. The stakes are high as Team Video Game Geeks surprise even themselves, on “Million Dollar Mind Game,” SUNDAY, OCTOBER 30 (3:00-4:00 p.m., CT on WDAY/WDAZ) on the ABC Television Network.

An exciting new game of logic and teamwork, ABC’s “Million Dollar Mind Game” brings contestants and viewers a new way of thinking and will change the way you think about game shows.

In this game of reasoning and smarts, teams comprised of six people who all know each other – co-workers, friends, teammates, etc. – will need to tackle a series of logic-based questions. The more questions the team answers correctly, the more money they will earn towards a grand prize, potentially earning them $1 million. The team has just 60 seconds to discuss and decide upon an answer. After each correct answer, the team must decide unanimously if they will leave with their earnings or move on to the next question for a chance at more money. “Million Dollar Mind Game” is hosted by one of the most popular television presenters in the United Kingdom, Vernon Kay.