Which Halloween Makeup should you avoid & which are safe for your face, and more on “The Doctors” next week!

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Show Descriptions for the week of October 24th-

Monday October 24th:  “Four Health Threats Every Woman Fears”  –  Scared to see the doctor? Terrified to be tested? THE DOCTORS helps you face your medical fears and handle your most dreaded diagnoses. Jillian Michaels takes a tell-all DNA test. Hear her surprising results. And, see the latest breakthrough procedure to treat skin cancer in minutes. Plus, get the facts on pregnancy symptoms and side effects.

Tuesday October 25th:  “How to Supersize Your Health!”  –  THE DOCTORS shows you how to look younger, get fitter and feel healthier today. Learn how to fight fatigue and halt headaches with your next meal. And, Supermodel Niki Taylor shares health and beauty tricks for moms on the go. Plus, get Jillian’s no-sit-up secret for sexy abs!

Wednesday October 26th:  “Revealing Personal Health Info: The Dos and Don’ts”  –  From your medical history to your sex life, find out which details you need to divulge. Can insurance
companies use your information against you? Get tips on filling out forms. And, meat-eaters vs. vegetarians: Who’s healthier? Get the skinny on your eating habits. Plus, how to arm your family against
the flu this fall!

Thursday October 27th:  “The Face of Courage”  –  If life as you know it suddenly shattered, how would you pick up the pieces? In 2007, a brutal attack destroyed Carmen’s body and nearly took her life. Four years later, she joins THE DOCTORS to share her
extraordinary story.

Friday October 28th:  “Trick and Treat Your Body Healthy”  –  THE DOCTORS reveals tricks for treating your health this Halloween. Learn which Halloween makeup to avoid, and which are safe for you face. Plus, Dr. Ordon shares spooktacular at-home skin treatments. And, can Halloween candy be nutritious? Get sweet alternatives to your kids’ favorite treats.

“The Doctors” airs weekdays @ 11am on WDAY/WDAZ.