Jillian Michaels shares more weight loss tips with ‘The Doctors’ next week!

Show descriptions for the week of August 22nd.  The Doctors airs weekdays @ 11am on WDAY/WDAZ.

Monday August 22nd:  “Get Moving with Jillian Michaels”
Health and wellness expert and new co-host of THE DOCTORS Jillian Michaels helps you lose weight, get fit and stay healthy! Don’t be a couch potato! See how to slim down while enjoying your favorite

Tuesday August 23rd:  “Why Size Matters”
When it comes to your health, size matters! Find out when bigger is better, and when you’re better off being smaller. Is there a connection between breast size and breast cancer? And, learn what you need to know about the amount of weight a woman gains during pregnancy and how it may affect her child later in life.

Wednesday August 24th:  “Who is Making You Sick?”
Is someone in your life hindering your health? THE DOCTORS identify who might be influencing you to overeat, binge drink and stress out. Rob and Mike from The Biggest Loser inspire families to lead healthy lifestyles. And, from the first cocktail to after-hours munchies, see the surprising risks of a girls’ night out. And, could nagging your husband shorten his life span?

Thursday August 25th:  “Get To Know Your Girl Parts!”
THE DOCTORS highlights the power of the female body! Get the scoop on female orgasms and the new hysterectomy that promises invisible scars. Plus, TV hosts Joan and Melissa Rivers talk sex, parenting and plastic surgery.

Friday August 26th:  “The Big Show”
Sometimes bigger is better! Learn when excess can lead to success. Find out if bigger butts lower your risk of heart disease and diabetes. NBA’s shortest player, Muggsy Bogues, shows a young athlete how to win big in basketball. Plus, meet the world’s biggest dog. And, see who wins THE DOCTORS obstacle course!

The Doctors airs weekdays @ 11am on WDAY/WDAZ.